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2011 Fan Pack Challenge: Milwaukee Brewers

One word: Wow. I am not a Brewers fan, but Wow. Yeah, capital-W Wow.

On the last day for the 10-point timeliness score, the Brewers came through with an awesome fan pack, neatly tucked inside a very nice folder with pictures of Ryan Braun on one side and Yovani Gallardo on the other. This thing is so nice looking, it should be framed if you’re a Brewers fan (which I’m not). Two 3-card packs of 2008 UD First Edition were inside the folder, along with 3 small classic logo stickers, a fridge magnet schedule, a Sportsflics-like luggage tag with Braun’s picture on it (airTran is evidently “The airline of Ryan Braun“), four pocket schedules (with Rickie Weeks on the front), and a couple of full-color ads for Miller Park events and a list of potential gifts for Brewers fans.

With this package, the Brew Crew pulls ahead of the Dodgers. Can anyone top them?

Here’s their score:
The inclusion of pocket schedule(s) = 1 point (featuring Rickie Weeks)
Stickers = 3 (classic logo…love it!)
Baseball cards = 6
High-quality promotional items = 3 (folder featuring Ryan Braun and Yovani Gallardo, luggage tag featuring Ryan Braun, magnet schedule)
Other stuff = 1 (ads for Miller Park events and holiday shopping)
Timeliness = 10 points

Click here to ask for your own fan pack. Don’t forget to say, “Pretty please.”

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