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One of my favorite guitarists is releasing a new album soon

Reb Beach 1988 Topps

This guy is hands-down one of the most under-appreciated guitarists of my lifetime. Hair metal gets a bad rap, and thanks to Beavis & Butt-Head‘s friend Stuart, Winger is the butt of many jokes. The band is really superb, though, and guitarist Reb Beach is a magician on the frets. His new album, A View from the Inside, is set for an early November release. The audio for “Aurora Borealis” just dropped this morning on YouTube, and it blows my mind.

Fun Cards: 1988 Topps Winger (Kip Winger, Reb Beach, Paul Taylor, Rod Morgenstein)

I don’t care what Mike Judge says, WINGER IS AWESOME. The musicianship in this band is top-notch, and much more complex than most of their hair metal comrades. Like several other popular ’80s bands, Winger reunited several years ago and has been releasing some stellar material.

Kip Winger

Kip Winger has a fantastic voice and is not only a proficient bassist, but also a composer of classical music. He was even nominated for a Grammy in 2017 for his Conversations with Nijinsky. Add to that his pre-Winger work with Alice Cooper, and you’ve sold me on his awesomeness.

Reb Beach

Reb Beach may not have the classical chops, but this dude can absolutely shred. In addition to Winger, he has recorded with Dokken and Whitesnake, and has appeared on Twisted Sister, Bee Gees, and Chaka Khan albums.

Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor made his recording debut with Alice Cooper the year before Winger‘s debut was released.

Rod Morgentstein

Rod Morgenstein brought a progressive music slant to Winger as a former member of jazz fusion group Dixie Dregs.

Twitter linkage:
Follow Winger at @wingertheband
Vocalist/Bassist Kip Winger at @kipwinger
Guitarist Reb Beach at @RealRebBeach
Drummer Rod Morgenstein at @RodMorgenstein

Top 50 Hair Metal Songs: #12 – Winger “Seventeen”

Kip Winger played bass for Alice Cooper, but was given the opportunity to front a new band called Sahara with virtuoso Reb Beach on guitar. The cover art for the first album was done when a problem arose: there was another band called Sahara. So a last-minute name change took place, but the word “Sahara” can still be seen on the front cover. Despite becoming the butt of many jokes thanks to Beavis and Butt-Head, Winger had some really great songs on each of their albums, but none tops “Seventeen” from the debut.

Other songs considered: “Headed For A Heartbreak,” “Miles Away,” “Easy Come Easy Go,” “Can’t Get Enuff”

Purchase Winger music.

Today is gonna ROCK!!!!

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