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My trip to Nationals Park

I’m still working on organizing the 600+ photos taken at Camden Yards last week, so give me a few more days to upload some from the O’s/Marlins game that I attended. But here are a few of the photos from the Nationals/White Sox game on Father’s Day that I attended with my 10-year son.

statue of Josh Gibson

Teddy Roosevelt

Gordon Beckham turning two over Nyjer Morgan

Freddy Garcia can’t beat out the throw to Adam Dunn

starting ChiSox pitcher Freddy Garcia

no game would be complete without Ozzie Guillen arguing with an umpire
(Greg Gibson in this case)

Paul Konerko

Ryan Zimmerman

golden boy Stephen Strasburg

I also made some cards for the 2010 Goose Joak set using these and other photos.

Orioles, Nationals, White Sox, and Marlins

What do all these teams have in common? I’ve attended their games this week. Ok, so it was the Nationals vs. the White Sox and the Orioles vs. the Marlins, but it still counts, right? I’ll post some photos next week after I rest up from the drive home and sort through them, but I’ll just say that both games were a blast…especially the Orioles. Third row seats down the third base line…can’t beat that! And both games had promotional giveaways, so there was more bang for my buck!

If you’ve never been to Camden Yards, you owe it to yourself as a human being to go!

Totally random and nonsensical “Fun Cards”

Steve, along with the majority of the baseball card blogosphere, hates the randominity of Topps’ “What If” cards. Cy Young appearing on the 1987 Topps design just kills him. I, on the other hand, love them. Well, not love. But like. Very strong like. You see, I all but hate modern baseball. I like Griffey and I kind of follow the Reds (kind of being a very strong phrase), but other than that I would much rather watch reruns of the 1975 World Series…even game 6.

In a post about Eddie Gaedel, Steve made a card that never was (1951 Bowman) as well as a card that, in his opinion, should never be (1986 Topps). Frankly, I like the 1986 Topps Gaedel quite a bit. But that’s beside the point. In the comment section, I joked that I would make some random custom cards with Steve in mind, like Ozzie Guillen on a football card design, and a Frank Thomas on a Star Wars card design. So, without further ado…

Trying to find some cheap tickets

Do you know anyone who has 2-3 extra tickets for Saturday’s Reds game against the White Sox (June 20)? I’m looking for the cheapest possible, if you know someone who can’t go to the game, please let me know as soon as possible. I know it’s a longshot on the blog here, but I don’t want to miss any potential sources…

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