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Various Artists – Welcome to the Spanish Tribute to KISS (2014)

Welcome to the Spanish Tribute to KISS

Various Artists
Welcome to the Spanish Tribute to KISS
Earth Records, 2014
69 minutes

So many tribute albums exist for KISS, that it’s rare to find one with creative versions of the band’s classic songs. Welcome to the Spanish Tribute to KISS features 18 tracks that are musically solid, but most do not stray very far from the source material. There are some very heavy accents on several tracks, including Paco Stanley’s send-up of “Detroit Rock City” and United’s “Tonight You Belong To Me.”

One of the highlights of this particular disc is K.F.P.’s “Jungle,” a song which was originally recorded for KISS’ Carnival of Souls with Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer, an album often overlooked because of the reunion with original members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss before it was released. The inclusion of “Radioactive” by Johnny B. Nasty is another treat, and Little Rock Star’s version of “Beth” is a tender version of the Peter Criss song.

As a whole, the disc is not essential to a KISS fanatic’s collection, but there are a handful of good recordings on Welcome to the Spanish Tribute to KISS.

1. Detroit Rock City – Paco Stanley
2. Love Gun – Tyr Sound
3. Jungle – K.F.R.
4. Sure Know Something – 4 L
5. 100,000 Years – Lipstick
6. What’s On Your Mind – Schizophrenic Spacers
7. Hide Your Heart – Poker
8. I Was Made for Loving You – Imagine
9. Crazy Crazy Nights – Naxx
10. Tonight You Belong To Me – United
11. Hard Luck Woman – The Jarluck Band
12. Forever – Mitos
13. Naked City – Johnny B. Nasty
14. Shout It Out Loud – KISS Fever Band
15. Beth – Little Rock Star
16. Radioactive – Johnny B. Nasty
17. Strutter – KISS Fever Band
18. I Can’t Stop The Rain – Hector Gilberto

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