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Fun cards: 2022 TWJ “One n’ Done”

Thirteen former big leaguers appeared on the Hall of Fame ballot for the first time in 2022. One was elected, two received enough votes to stay on the ballot for next year. What about the other ten players?

This “fun cards” set is dedicated to those guys who appeared on the ballot, but did not receive 5% of the vote for a second year.

A.J. Pierzynski, Carl Crawford, Jake Peavy, Joe Nathan, Jonathan Papelbon, Justin Morneau, Mark Teixeira, Prince Fielder, Ryan Howard, and Tim Lincecum all had fine careers, but all received less than 5% of the vote.

AJ Pierzynski Chicago White Sox

Carl Crawford Tampa Bay Rays

Jake Peavy San Diego Padres

Joe Nathan Minnesota Twins

Jonathan Papelbon Washington Nationals

Justin Morneau Minnesota Twins

Mark Teixeira New York Yankees

Prince Fielder Milwaukee Brewers

Ryan Howard Philadelphia Phillies

Tim Lincecum San Francisco Giants

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Anyone want to do a set break of Topps TBT this week?

Topps TBT

The lineup for this week’s Topps TBT set has been announced, and as usual I only want one card. I checked eBay, and that one card is more expensive than I want to spend. Maybe there are others in the same boat, so I thought I might try to organize a set break. If you’re intersted, read on…

I’m claiming Nick Senzel, you can have any other player pictured above…$3.88 shipped PWE. Luke Voit, Tim Anderson, Fernando Tatis Jr., Willson Contreras, Carter Kieboom are available. The set is $19.99, divided by six and add 55 cents for a stamp, that’s $3.88 each. This way there is no need to order the full set if you only want one card. Claim in the comments, or on Twitter, or via e-mail. First claimed, first served.

UPDATE: All cards claimed!

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Congratulations @Max_Scherzer

Scherzer strikes out 20

Only three others have done it. Roger Clemens was the first in 1986, and the second in 1996. Kerry Wood followed in 1998, and the Big Unit Randy Johnson in 2001. Add Max Scherzer to the list of pitchers who have struck out twenty batters in a game.

Of the five 20-K games, three have been in May, one in April, and one in September.

This is the second “highlights” card in the 2016 TWJ set. You can see all the cards, including highlights and final tributes, at TWJ cards on tumblr. Fifty-nine base cards have been posted so far, along with 14 final tributes, two highlights, and a Jackie Robinson card. At least one new card is posted each day.

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How many variations are in Topps Heritage?

I picked up a couple of hanger boxers last night at Target (even though I said I wouldn’t), and was happy to pull a Max Scherzer Black Chrome Refractor.

Scherzer Refractor

Since I’m not a Scherzer fan, or a Nationals fan, or a “oooh shiny card” fan, I immediately scanned and went to eBay to sell. (Starting bid $5, or BIN $14.99.)

It’s an obvious variation. But then there are some other variations that are not-so-obvious. Like the photo variations. And color variations. And gum stain variations. So I need to find a good, reliable checklist and sit down with my new cards and figure out which ones might be eBayable. That sounds like work to me, and this is a hobby. I don’t like mixing work and hobby. I’m so conflicted.

I have six cards listed at the moment, including Stephen Piscotty “New Age Performers,” Matt Kemp and David Price SPs, Bryce Harper “Stand-Up,” and Starling Marte/Andrew McCutchen “Pitt Power,” all with a BIN option. I may add more before the day is over, but I have other things to do first.

I did get a couple of cards I’m not selling, too…


Everyone’s favorite right fielder that no one wants, Jay Bruce.


Reds team card featuring Billy Hamilton, Eugenio Suarez, and the dearly departed Todd Frazier.

And I know others have complained, and now it’s my turn. WHY, TOPPS, WHY DID YOU DO THIS???

Reds back

These are not Cincinnati Reds cards. If you’re going to be stupid and issue checklists in this fashion, then you should have Fleer-ordered the set by team.

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Fun Cards Submission: 2016 Topps Brandon Phillips (Washington Nationals)

phillips 2016

Another fine submission from TWJ contributor Patrick of a player who appeared to be heading out of Cincinnati, Brandon Phillips nixed a deal with the Washington Nationals. Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on Phillips, but it seems that a player who is in the last part of his playing career would want to play for a contender. Add Dusty Baker into the mix as manager, and it looked like a perfect move for the second baseman who has fallen out of favor with a portion of the Reds fanbase.

Phillips considered waiving his no-trade clause, but the Reds were not willing to meet his demands. So he’ll play the next two years in the Queen City out of spite. Reds management has been fed up with him for a while, and more and more fans are turning against the former All-Star and Gold Glove infielder. Shame on the Reds for giving him that contract in the first place, and shame on them for not trading him a few years ago before he reached 10-and-5 status.

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Finished? Not quite.

Scherzer no-hitter

The 2015 regular season is in the books, but the narrative is far from over. Clayton Kershaw struck out 300 batters, the first time a pitcher has reached that mark since 2002. Another cheater reached the 500-home run mark. And Max Scherzer pitched two no-hitters this year; the last pitcher who did that in the regular season was Nolan Ryan in 1973.

Cueto Royals

The National League Central is sending three teams to the postseason, but the Reds will be watching from home. Johnny Cueto, traded to the Royals in July, will attempt to put Kansas City over the top after the team fell to the Giants last year. The upstart Houston Astros, powered by Dallas Keuchel, will try to derail that plan. There are only two teams in the playoffs that I despise, so I fully expect a Yankees/Cardinals World Series this year.


I will post a few more highlights cards for the World Series winners and award winners as they are announced, but the regular season cards are finished. 125 “revamped” cards, 13 “highlights” so far, and 18 All-Star cards. Prior to the “revamped” design, 65 cards were posted, along with ten Will Ferrell cards plus four tribute cards to legendary players who have passed away. Add to that 200 “preseason” cards, and I would say 2015 was a busy year for TWJ cards.


You can see all the cards at TWJ cards on tumblr. Plans are already underway for an even better set in 2016.

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I missed the no-hitter yesterday

I was so caught up in self-pity over the awful Reds season that I totally missed the news that Jordan Zimmermann pitched a no-hitter for the first-place Washington Nationals. When I found out this afternoon, I did the proper thing and made a “highlights” card for him to post at TWJ cards on tumblr. But because I like you non-tumblr folks so much, I’m going to post it here as well…

Jordan  Zimmermann no-hitter

This isn’t Zim’s first appearance in the TWJ cards set, but his earlier card is an UER with the incorrect spelling of his last name, made way back when I was putting a black border around the cards (which involved an extra step and I just got too lazy to do it)…

Jordan  Zimmermann Zimmerman

Unless something extraordinary happens in the playoffs (such as a no-hitter or perfect game), I don’t plan to make any more 2014 TWJ cards until the Series is decided, and then when the awards are handed out.

Speaking of awards, you have less than 24 hours to get your picks in to me. There are some very tight races so far, and your votes could make the difference. Click here if you have no idea what I’m talking about.


2012 FPC: Washington Nationals

Washington Nationals fan pack 2012

It has been quite a while since I received a fan pack from a baseball team in the mail. Better late than never, right? Absolutely right, especially when you do it up like the Nats. These guys are getting mad props for their “high-quality promo items” from me…we’re not talking game programs here, folks. These are honest-to-goodness high-quality promotional items. I love the stuffed baseball bat and the tattoo sleeve especially.

Here’s their score:
The inclusion of pocket schedule(s) = 1 point (2 schedules)
Stickers = 0
Trading cards = 3 (actually postcards of the mascot Teddy, but they are pretty cool)
High-quality promotional items = 6 (2 points each for a tattoo sleeve, a license plate holder, and a “Team Beans” stuffed baseball bat)
Other stuff = 0
Timeliness = 0 points

Check out everything I have received from teams so far this year.

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2011 Ex-Reds (’92 Style): Jonny Gomes

He’s already been featured on two different cards as a Red, now Jonny Gomes gets his first Washington Nationals card.

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So long, Jonny!

Can’t say I’m sorry to see Jonny Gomes headin’ out the door. The Reds traded the outfielder (along with some cash) to the Washington Nationals for a couple of minor leaguers.

Here are a few of the “fun cards” that have appeared on TWJ over the years…