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University of Kentucky Tri-A-Puzzle by Late For The Sky


University of Kentucky Tri-A-Puzzle
by Late For The Sky

Puzzles are so boring…usually. Late For The Sky’s “Tri-A-Puzzle” products are anything but usual. Whoever tries to work this puzzle has three options: 1) put together the die-cut helmet-shaped puzzle, 2) add the team-colored border around the helmet, or 3) flip the whole thing over and put together a football field puzzle with the team mascot in the middle. Any way you go is challenging because of all the blue on the helmet side or all the green on the field side.

hard at work

When all 350 pieces are put together, the puzzle measures 22″x18″. More than sixty different schools are available. Go find your favorite team, or give one to Dad for a unique Father’s Day gift. It will keep even the most adept puzzle worker busy for hours.

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Childhood heroes: basketball edition

I always hated University of Kentucky basketball. Perhaps it was just an act of rebellion, of non-conformity, because everyone I knew adored the Wildcats. When you live in Kentucky, you are expected to bleed blue. But I could not stand them. I latched onto Bobby Knight and the Indiana Hoosiers, and I would always root for IU when they played UK.

However, there was one UK player that I looked up to: Rex Chapman.

Recently I uncovered a stash of cards featuring King Rex tucked away in a box in my closet. No, they won’t pay for my kids’ college tuitions, but they brought back some fun memories of the 1988 first round pick for the Charlotte Hornets.

The rookie card:

The second-year, not-quite-as-cool-as-the-rookie-card, card:

The cooler-than-any-other-Rex-card-in-my-collection card (because I love art cards!):

Skybox was probably the coolest set in the world back in the day:

Check out the high-school-senior-pose and the sweater on the back:

Chapman’s most valuable base card in 1991 Fleer, even more than his rookie. You can buy it pretty cheap on eBay…only $20 with FREE shipping!

This was a cool little subset:

And the only non-Hornets card I own of King Rex:

There are only a handful of basketball players that I followed back in the day, and Rex Chapman is among them. Top five favorite? Absolutely. Probably top three even. If I had the cash, I would probably pick up a few more Rex Chapman cards from COMC.

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