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Yes, Virginia, there is a Tyler Holt Reds card!


I asked last month if any baseball cards existed showing Tyler Holt in a Reds uniform. I could not find his name on my incomplete checklists, and COMC offered no answers in the affirmative. Fast forward a few weeks, and I found a package waiting for me from friend of the blog Patrick. In that package were a handful of 2016 Topps Now cards and a 2016 Kahn’s team set that was given away to kids at the ballpark last year. I’m always happy to add new Reds cards to my collection, especially ones that were not on my wantlists because of my own ignorance or neglect.

I had never added the Kahn’s set to my wantlist for 2016! I completely forgot about it, but Patrick didn’t and he graciously gave me a set. I’m so happy to have these cards, and I’m sure they will assist with my Reds birthday project more than a few times this year.

Now to go back and update that birthday post to Mr. Holt…

Thank you Patrick!

Happy Reds birthday, Tyler Holt!


March 10, 1989

Does Tyler Holt have any Reds cards yet? I can’t find any on eBay, and he hasn’t appeared on any of the checklists for the sets released so far this year. That’s disappointing, but not surprising with the smaller size of sets today. He played in 106 games for the Reds last year, so hopefully Topps or Donruss will do the right thing and include him in series 2.

UPDATE 4/7/2017

Yes, Holt does have a Reds baseball card!

Holt baseball card

Fun Cards Submissions: 2016 Topps “Now” Tyler Holt and Billy Hamilton


Topps introduced a new type of baseball card this year, commemorating on-the-field achievements as they happened and making the cards available for purchase for just 24 hours on their website. The concept is called “Topps Now,” and the cards appear to cost $9.99 each. So far, David Ortiz, Bryce Harper, Trevor Story, Francisco Liriano, and the Kansas City Royals/2015 World Series trophy have been featured. Only the Ortiz is currently available for purchase.

I like the concept, but not the execution. This is the way the Upper Deck Documentary set should have been done a few years ago. A short write-up of daily events, with a photo from the actual game. But $10 per card? Not in this lifetime. I suppose I should be glad the Reds are not expected to perform well this year; that just means there are fewer Reds cards I will never add to my collection.


“Fun cards,” however, are another story. TWJ contributor Patrick saw fit to commemorate Tyler Holt and Billy Hamilton‘s spectacular ninth-inning defensive plays Monday afternoon that saved the Reds from an embarrassing start to what is expected to be an embarrassing season. Look at how fast Hamilton was moving when he dove for that ball! It’s like the Flash, so difficult to get a clear photograph because of his lightning speed!

Thanks for the great “fun cards,” Patrick!

2015 Reds, 1990 Score style: Tyler Holt

Tyler Holt

A late addition to the team in 2015, Tyler Holt was selected off waivers from the Cleveland Indians on September 27. After 36 games in 2014 and 9 games for the Indians in 2015, Holt appeared in only five games for the Reds, and will still be considered a rookie in 2016.

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