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Random Awesomeness (part 2019.11)

Random Awesomeness

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R.I.P. Casey Kasem

(April 27, 1932 – June 15, 2014)

Casey Kasem

Legendary radio personality and voice actor Casey Kasem passed away this morning. In addition to hosting American Top 40 on the radio for many years, Kasem also provided the voice for Shaggy in various Scooby-Doo series, Robin in several Super Friends franchises, and a handful of Transformers characters in the 1980s.

Super7 trading cards from SideKick

Alien ReAction

Alien ReAction

SideKickSideKick produced a ten-card set to promote Super7‘s upcoming projects, and the cards were distributed at SDCC this year. The cards were packaged in an old-school wax wrapper, and have the same feel as Topps baseball cards from the 1980’s. I love the feel of the cards; they take me back to simpler times and less expensive trading card packs.

Star Wars

Star Wars

Super7 has a pretty cool product line, and it looks to get even cooler in the coming months. From original “Monster Family” figures to licensed Star Wars, Alien, and Transformers merchandise, their products speak to my generation. The Super7 Manifesto, as printed on the front of the checklist card (#10), is:

We grew up with giant monsters, comic books, punk, science fiction, skateboarding, robots & rebellion. No one made what we watned. So we made it ourselves.



The full set includes the following cards:

  • 1. Monster Family
  • 2. Destroy All Kaiju
  • 3. Kandy Kaiju
  • 4. Mascot Series
  • 5. Designer T-Shirts
  • 6. Star Wars
  • 7. Alien
  • 8. Transformers
  • 9. Super7 Store
  • 10. Checklist

Learn more about Super7 and purchase their products.

Learn more about SideKick Trading Card Publishing.

Global Warming is Baloney

That’s what a number of Burger King franchises run by Mirabile Investment Corporation have posted on their signs.

Now, whether you agree or disagree with that statement, there are other things to consider in this situation. Does Burger King (the corporation) have the right to tell its franchises what it can/cannot post on the signs out front? That depends on the contract. There are reports that the contacts between the corp and the franchise forbid any political or religious statements on the signs. You can’t say, “Islam is wrong” or “Vote Independent in 2012 because Republicans and Democrats are both corrupt” or “Al Gore is an alien from the planet Antareus*” or “Global Warming is Baloney” no matter how true those statements may be. If such a provision exists in the contracts, then yes, the signs should be removed.

But if the corporation does not have any such provision in the contract, then do they have any power over the signs at all? I don’t know. I can’t imagine that their lawyers would have allowed them to sign anyone without such a provision. But if they are that stupid, then more power to Mirabile. Keep the signs up and fight the man! Don’t be bullied by the liberal left!

* Antareus is the home planet of the father of Evie Ethel Garland, a character of the late-80s sitcom “Out Of This World”, starring Maureen Flannigan and Donna Pescow, who later played Louis’ mother on Even Stevens, starring a young Shia LeBouf, who went on to considerable success as Indiana Jones’ son and Megan Fox‘s boyfriend in the Transformers film franchise.

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