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Two in a million

Lots of cool stuff going on today. I went to the Reds game with my brother-in-law and nephew, unfortunately they couldn’t sweep the Astros. Still, 5-1 is a pretty awesome start to the season. When I arrived home, I found three packages waiting for me. Two more fan pack responses, and an envelope from Topps containing my two cards from the Million Card Giveaway last year…Bob Purkey and Bill Henry.

I’ll post the fan packs and photos from the game later tonight.

I’m quite the idiot

In all my excitement, I neglected to check if I actually needed a 1960 Gordy Coleman card. As it turns out, I’ve already got one nuzzled in a binder in between a 1960 Chico Cardenas Rookie Stars and a 1962 Eddie Kasko.

So here we go again. If you have any Reds card that predates 1965, offer it up for my 1960 Gordy Coleman (it’s a rookie card!). The only cards I will not accept are:

1954 Ted Kluszewski
1957 Ted Kluszewski
1960 Chico Cardenas
1960 Gordy Coleman
1962 Eddie Kasko
1963 Sammy Ellis/Jesse Gonder/a couple of Phillies rookies
1963 Chico Cardenas
1965 Jim O’Toole

Those are the only Reds cards 1952-1965 that I already have. I checked this time.

UPDATE: Someone accepted my offer for a 1960 Bob Purkey. All is right in the universe.

Hello, Gordy!

I don’t have a 1960 Ray Boone card anymore. Now I have a 1960 Gordy Coleman card.

Now I just have to get around to getting it shipped by the end of the month. 🙂

This wonderful 1960 Topps Ray Boone card could be yours!

Ray Boone is the father of Bob Boone, grandfather of Aaron Boone and Bret Boone. If you’re into three generational baseball families, this would be a really nice card.

I’m not.

I’m just a Reds collector. So here’s the deal: Trade me any Reds card from the 1950s or 1960s (through 1965) that I don’t already own (which is most Reds cards) and this Ray Boone can be yours! Make an offer on before March 1, which is the order-your-cards-or-they-will-never-see-the-light-of-day-again day (if I’m reading the rules correctly).

Dayf, if you still have that ’67 Ellis, I’ll take it. If you don’t, I understand…my loss, and no hard feelings.

What’s cooler than being cool?

Ice cold. And dayf is the definition of ice cold.

I finally unloaded my hatless 1963 Marv Breeding

…for a sweet 1964 Bill Henry card.

I have very few Reds cards from the 1950s or 1960s, so this is a very cool addition to the collection. Now if I could transform my 1960 Ray Boone to a 1950s or early 60s Reds card…

You can only go back in time so far…

I once read that if a time machine was ever invented, you could only use it to go back so far. You could not go back further than the date when the materials you used to create the machine were created. Makes sense to a point…but it kind of takes some of the fun out of science fiction. You can only go back in time so far.

The same is true with the Topps Million Card Giveaway, evidently. You can only go back in time so far.

I have a 1963 Marv Breeding card.

I was trying to go back to 1952. I started in 1987. I didn’t make it, but I still think I did well.

The thing is, I don’t want this card. Had I gotten back to the 50’s, I probably would have had whatever the card was delivered to me. But I think that dream is over.

What I want to do, if I can’t go back in time any further, is to turn this Breeding card into a 1960’s (or 1950’s…just sayin’) Reds card. It has to be a card I don’t have, which is almost every 1960’s Reds card. Seriously, I only have about 5 or 6 cards from the 60s. And none of them are named Pete Rose or Johnny Bench (although I do have a sweet ’68 Tony Perez).

I am also willing to consider offers for 1970 or 1971 Reds, as I am a bit short on those as well.

But I would like to stay in the 1960s.

Or 1950s.

So if you want to help out, leave a comment and offer up a trade for my 1963 Marv Breeding.

Marv wants a new home

I have this Marv Breeding card from 1963 in my account, but I don’t want it. I want you to have it. All I ask for in return is an older card. It can be from 1952, 1956, or even 1962. Any card older than 1963.

Way back in March, I unlocked my first and only code. It was a beautiful 1987 Topps Jeff Stone card. I decided that I wanted to turn that card into a 1952 card…any 1952 card. Slowly but surely, I have traded my way back to 1963, but haven’t had any nibbles for a few months. So here’s your chance to help me out in my ’52 Challenge…help me go back in time a few years.

Make an offer for a 1963 Marv Breeding card on…any card older than 1963…then leave me a comment here and I will go approve the trade.

The Countdown to ’52 Challenge…I NEED HELP!!!

I’ve had this 1963 Marv Breeding card for over two months now…

…and he wants to find a better home.

And I want to find an older card.

I started with a 1987 Jeff Stone card back in March, which became a 1986 Rob Picciolo. That card was soon traded for a 1985 John Franco, which was flipped for a 1976 Cliff Johnson, which gave way to a 1973 Roger Metzger, which surrendered to a 1966 Ralph Terry, which was quickly traded for this 1963 Marv Breeding card.

And I’ve been stuck with Marv ever since.

The goal is to get all the way back to 1952, and I don’t want to stop short. I passed up an offer in June for a 1964 Marty Keough of the Reds because that would be backtracking, even though I love my Redlegs!

So help me out, make me an offer on I can’t refuse…any pre-1963 card for this Marv Breeding. Be sure to leave a comment here so I know the trade is waiting and I can approve it!

I hate making difficult decisions.

Some time ago, I decided I would try to make my 1987 Topps Jeff Stone card a 1952 Topps card of any player. Through five trades, I have made it back to 1952, but got stuck on a 1963 Marv Breeding. Since then, the trade offers have kept coming, but none were for pre-63 cards. All offers have been declined, but today I had one that has been difficult to decide upon…

Everyone knows my favorite team is the Reds when it comes to baseball cards. I don’t have this 1964 Marty Keough card. But, 1964 comes after 1963. Should I continue working backwards to 1952, or accept this trade and call it a day?

Only 11 more years to go…

Thanks to Keith of Back in Packs, I’m now back to 1963 in the Countdown to ’52 Challenge!

Marv Breeding, whose last season in the majors was 1963, is the latest in the journey to 1952. Who wants it? All you have to do is offer me a card…any card…older than 1963.

Thanks to all who have helped so far!

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