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The Best Songs of 2013 from Not the Best Albums

Yesterday, I posted my “Top Ten Albums of 2013” list. Today, I’ll give you the best songs from eleven other albums that didn’t quite make the cut. Go check them out, and purchase the songs you like.

Tigertailz – Knives (2013)

Tigertailz Knives CD Review

Scarlet Records, 2013
21 minutes

A new EP from the underrated glam metal band Tigertailz is too short and too heavy on the profanity, but musically it is brilliantly crafted. Lead guitarist Jay Pepper is the only rocker left from the classic lineup, but singer Jules Millis handles the vocals quite well as Rob Wylde and Matthew Blakout take care of the rhythm section. Blackout has been with the group off and on since 2005; Wylde and Millis came into the fold in 2012.

As all good “hair metal” albums do, Knives features a combination of fist-pumping hard rock (“Spit It Out”) and a ballad (“One Life”). “Shoe Collector” is a whimsical song about the importance of one’s footwear and pays homage to AC/DC with a quick reference to “Back In Black.” “Bite The Hand” has a definite Poison feel to it with a groove similar to “Look What The Cat Dragged In.” “Punched In The Gutz” may be the catchiest tune on the record, however it is disappointing as the chant spells out the word “bastard.” And that is my issue with this Tigertailz album: it wallows too overtly in its own sleaze.

Instead of wink in the direction of double entendre, Millis just spits it out and leaves nothing to the imagination. Too many bands are going that direction, including the more popular bands like Mötley Crüe. I love the songs, but not the lyrics.

1. Shoe Collector
2. One Life
3. Bite The Hand
4. Spit It Out
5. Punched In The Gutz

Listen to “One Life” below:

Learn more about Tigertailz.

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Purchase Tigertailz – Knives.

Top 50 Hair Metal Songs: #39 – Tigertailz “Love Bomb Baby”

This band is often overlooked, but Tigertailz has released some truly impressive material over the years. This song is the one that stands out the most with an addictive sing-along chorus. The band itself may not make any top 50 lists, but this song certainly deserves a spot.

Other songs considered: “Livin’ Without You”

Purchase Tigertailz music.

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