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Christmas gift ideas for action figure lovers

Funko popped up on my radar several years ago with their “Pop” vinyl collectibles. Over the past couple of years, they have added other styles to their repertoire, and I really love the DC “Primal Age” figures and Thundercats and horror icon “Savage World” collections. While I have seen some negative reviews on these MOTU-style figures, we did purchase some last year and did not have any issues with them. Read the reviews and proceed at your own risk.


DC “Primal Age”

Tygra Thundercats

Thundercats “Savage World”

Jason Friday the 13th

Horror Icons “Savage World”

Christmas gift ideas for Thundercats fans

ThundercatsI mentioned Thundercats yesterday, so I might as well throw a few ideas out there that the Thundercats fan in your life will love.

Visual Media


Thundercats Superman comicBooks

Toys and Collectibles

Feline Rhapsody Queen parody ThundercatsAttire

Other odds & ends

Coming Soon…

Thunderbrats Garbage Pail Kids parody

R.I.P. Arthur Rankin, Jr.

(July 19, 1924 – January 30, 2014)

Rankin Bass logo

Co-founder of Rankin/Bass Productions, best know for Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, and ThunderCats, Arthur Rankin, Jr. passed away on Thursday.

Hear The Roar! by David Crichton (2011)

Thunder Thunder ThunderCats HO!!!

Hear The Roar!
by David Crichton
Telos Publishing, 2011
500 pages

Go behind the scenes of the ThunderCats with author David Crichton in Hear The Roar!, a massive 500-page book detailing the history, development, and individual episodes of the iconic 1980s cartoon. Interviews with people intimately involved abound in this volume, giving the reader an in-depth look at what goes on before the show ever airs. The reader is treated with pre-development pitches and even an article by psychological consultant Dr. Robert Kuisis entitled, “The Role of ThunderCats as a Pro-Social Programme.” The grind of producing a 65-episode season is explained by supervising producer Lee Dannacher and script editor Peter Lawrence. Leonard Starr’s storytelling objectives are reproduced, as well as the “Achilles heels” for each of the characters.

A large portion of the book is devoted to profiles of the scriptwriters, from the most prolific (Starr and Lawrence) to those who had only one script. The writers’ episodes are listed, and memories of their time with Rankin-Bass are recorded. In addition to the writing, the artwork, music, and voiceover work of the series is documented in Hear The Roar!

In part two, Crichton presents an episode guide complete with US and UK broadcast dates, writer’s commentary, and a rating on a 5-star scale for each individual episode. Part three presents biographical sketches of each character appearing in the series, from the ThunderCats to the Forces for Good and Forces for Evil, and explores the settings where their adventures took place. Part four gives the details of the merchandise, specifically the toyline produced by LJN.

Closely related to ThunderCats was SilverHawks, and Crichton touches on that series as well in part five of Hear The Roar!, touching on many of the same topics, though not as deeply. For instance, rather than a synopsis and commentary on each episode, there is simply a list of the 65 titles and airdates. Crichton closes his book writing about the legacy of the ThunderCats franchise, and how it has endured and its popularity continues now in the 21st century, and the return of the characters in a new series developed by Warner Brothers.

For die-hard fans of the ThunderCats, Hear The Roar! is a must-have volume contains a wealth of information and should be placed on the shelf right next to the DVD collection.

Learn more about Telos Publishing.

Purchase Hear the Roar! by David Crichton.

Thundercats are loose!

It’s interesting to see what generates the most traffic for this little blog from day to day. It’s usually a baseball post, but sometimes it’s an older post that is just popular, seemingly out of the blue. Of course, once I dig a little deeper, I can usually figure out why so many new people are coming here for the same reason.

Yesterday the most popular post was “2009 Topps Thundercats.” My son had done a series of Thundercats custom cards based on the 2009 Topps baseball design.

Many of you know that Cartoon Network will be airing a new Thundercats series beginning in 2011. But that news was announced in June…why the sudden interest in December? The reason is simple: a new voice actor has been announced recently, and that has renewed the buzz around the series.

Thundercats Lair posted on Wedesday that Matthew Mercer will be the new voice of Tygra.

I’m really looking forward to the new Thundercats and hope CN doesn’t screw it up like they did He-Man (IOW, they need to actually promote the show and not just hope the toys do it for you…even if those toys are totally awesome).

Speaking of He-Man toys…anyone got a Snake Armor He-Man they want to dump cheap? I can’t justify spending more than $40 on a toy that is going to be played with…a lot. My 11-year old has wanted it since we saw it on eBay several years ago, but we’ve never seen it for less than $75 after shipping. I just can’t do it with a clear conscience. We don’t care if it has been opened, or if you don’t have the original packaging. We just want the toy.

If you want to make a little boy’s Christmas extra special with Snake Armor He-Man, let me know.

2009 Topps Thundercats

Last month, I posted a 2009 Topps Lion-O card that I created. I didn’t plan on making any more, and I didn’t…but my son Joshua did! Without further ado…Thunder…Thunder…THUNDERCATS…HO!!!!

(click on thumbnails for larger image)

2009 Topps Lion-O

Thunder…Thunder…Thundercats…HO!!! Yes, I’m a huge nerd. I love the Thundercats. So here’s a custom Lion-O based on the Topps 2009 baseball style. Just for fun.

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