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Christmas gift ideas for your Twilight Zone-loving friend

One of the most entertaining anthology television series in history is The Twilight Zone, hosted by Rod Serling, which first aired in 1959. The fantastical stories, many written by Serling himself, took the viewer on a suspenseful ride through science fiction and horror. There has never been another anthology series that has reached the same heights, but fans of The Twilight Zone are always hungry for more. With that in mind, I offer some lesser-known series that may appeal to fans of Serling’s finest work:

Night Gallery Twilight Zone

This may be the best thing you see on the internet today

Or, at least on YouTube…

Eddie Van Halen played the guitar solo on Michael Jackson‘s epic “Beat It,” and Bottle Boys impressively replicated it in their version of the classic pop song. I’ve never heard of Bottle Boys before this morning, but you can count me among their fans now.

Horror Fun Cards: 1983 Topps Michael Jackson

1983 Topps Custom Card Michael Jackson Thriller

Purchase Michael Jackson’s Thriller!

Spooky Songs: “Thriller” by Michael Jackson

Vincent Price passed away twenty years ago today. A true icon of the horror genre, he is probably most known for his contribution to the King of Pop’s zombified hit “Thriller” in the early 1980s.

Happy Halloween!

This is perhaps my favorite day of the year…October 31. I love seeing the kids dress up in costumes, watching horror movies, listening to great classic music with monster themes. For instance, Alice Cooper’s “He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask)” from the sixth movie in the Friday the 13th franchise.

There were some great songs used in horror movies in the 1980s…Ray Parker’s “Ghostbusters,” Dokken’s “In My Dreams,” Vinnie Vincent Invasion’s “Love Kills.” Of course, there were other songs not associated with movies that conveyed a great scare factor as well. Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and the John Landis-directed video may be the greatest musical horror creation of all-time. How can you go wrong with Vincent Price rapping in the middle of your song?

Whatever your favorite Halloween song, movie, or activity may be, I hope you have a great day today!

Zombie Awareness Month: Day 20 – Michael Jackson “Thriller”

Surely you didn’t think we would go without posting the greatest music video of all time, which just so happens to include zombies, did you?

The official video:

The Lego version:

In jail:

On the subway:

On the Death Star (skip to 3:08):

At a wedding:

The Sims version:

From the great Jennifer Garner/Mark Ruffalo movie 13 Going On 30:

Thrillered out yet? If not, search “Thriller Dance” on YouTube and learn how to do it yourself!


I found this on YouTube last night and was blown away. I’ve done a few stop-motion videos with my kids, so I know it takes a lot of work. To put together this entire video must have been very time-consuming…but very rewarding in the end. I love it!

The Dark Lord of the Thriller Dance

This may be the greatest video I have ever seen. Read the rest of this entry

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