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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas: ’83 Us Festival Days 1-3

Us Festival DVD

’83 Us Festival Days 1-3
MVDvisual, 2013
135 minutes

The Us Festival was one of the landmark festivals of the 1980s. Several artists have capitalized on their appearance in recent years, including Quiet Riot, Triumph, Waylon Jennings, and Willie Nelson. There is a 3-disc set available of Metal Day with Ozzy Osbourne, Van Halen, and more. But there is not much out there for fans of the pop side of the Us Festival.

MVDvisual fills a bit of that void with ’83 Us Festival Days 1-3, available on DVD. The disc features live performances by Divinyls, Men At Work, Judas Priest, Missing Persons, and Stevie Nicks, as well as interviews with organizer Steve Wozniak and MTV veejay Mark Goodman. The interviews overlap some of the music, and that is a bit disappointing, but that’s a minor complaint considering the importance of the documentary. The best performances on the DVD come from U2 (“Sunday Bloody Sunday”), Triumph (“Lay It On The Line”), and The Clash (“Should I Stay Or Should I Go”). In fact, The Clash’s performance was their last with Mick Jones, making the song choice even more poignant.

If you have a music lover on your Christmas shopping list and haven’t found the right present, pick up a copy of the ’83 US Festival Days 1-3 DVD.

Day 1 (Saturday, May 28th)
“The Boy In Town” Divinyls
“The One Thing” INXS
“Jeanette” The English Beat
“Rock This Town” Stray Cats
“Double Talkin’ Baby” Stray Cats
“Who Can It Be Now” Men At Work
“It’s A Mistake” Men At Work
“Should I Stay Or Should I Go” The Clash

Day 2 (Sunday, May 29th)
“Breakin’ The Law” Judas Priest
“You Got Another Thing Comin'” Judas Priest
“Lay It On The Line” Triumph” Triumph
“Fight The Good Fight” Triumph
“A World Of Fantasy” Triumph
“The Zoo” Scorpions
“Can’t Get Enough” Scorpions

Day 3 (Monday, May 30th)
“Sex I’m A” Berlin
“Find Another Fool” Quarterflash
“Sunday Bloody Sunday” U2
“Electric Co.” U2
“Words” Missing Persons
“Magic Power” Triumph
“Stand Back” Stevie Nicks
“Outside The Rain” Stevie Nicks

Learn more about MVDvisual.

Purchase ’83 Us Festival: Days 1-3.

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