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This is what I call ROCK AND ROLL!!!

Man, no one rocks harder than Endeverafter and Airbourne, and Stonerider is a pretty good warm-up act for them. Rob at Hard Rock Hideout has posted videos of the show from Tuesday night in Lexington, KY. It’s about time, slacker. LOL.

I’m only going to post one of the videos here, my favorite song from Airbourne, “Diamond in the Rough.” To get the rest, head on over to Hard Rock Hideout now!

Hard rock videos LIVE

The Endeverafter/Airbourne show in Lexington was awesome last night. I ended buying the CD of the other national band on the bill, Stonerider, and had all the guys in the band sign it for me. Rob from Hard Rock Hideout went down there with me, and took some video, so be sure to check his site to see those as soon as he gets them uploaded. While you’re waiting, though, you can check out some video of another act he saw Sunday night in Cincinnati: Joey Belladonna of Anthrax.

There are a few more videos posted at the site from the Belladonna show, as well as other bands like Tesla, Jackyl, etc. Be sure to check out Hard Rock Hideout today!

Tuesday night in Lexington…

Big concert tonight in Lexington by three awesome bands that you have probably never heard of…

Stonerider is a hard southern rock band. I don’t know much about them, have only heard their songs a couple of times. But what I heard was cool, so I’m looking forward to seeing them live. Listen to them on Myspace.

Endeverafter is a hard rock outfit in the style of the 1980s Poison/Motley Crue type of music. I saw these guys open for Cinderella and Poison back in 2006, and they didn’t disappoint. The album was one of my favorites of 2007.

Endeverafter “Road to Destruction” (live)

Airbourne is one of the best new bands in the world. They are from Australia and have a definite AC/DC influence to their tunes. This will be my first time seeing them live.

Airbourne “Runnin’ Wild”

The tour to see in 2008


Endeverafter is one of my favorite bands. I saw them open for Cinderella and Poison in 2006, before they even had an album out. It finally came out in October 2007, and it is one of those from-start-to-finish CDs. Great for hair metal fans.


Do you like AC/DC? Then you will LOVE Airbourne! Runnin’ Wild is the best AC/DC album since Back in Black, and AC/DC didn’t even record it!


I had never heard of Stonerider until today, but since listening to their songs on Myspace you can bet I’ll be buying the disc. Southern hard rock style, similar to Black Stone Cherry. Definitely influenced by Lynyrd Skynyrd, but they bring a harder edge to the music.

And all three of these bands are touring together! Check any one of their Myspace pages for the tour itinerary, find the show closest to you, and make plans to see them! I can’t wait for April 8!

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