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Photoset: Steve’n’Seagulls (3/23/2016 @ The Southgate House Revival, Newport KY)

Steve n Seagulls

Finnish bluegrass heavy metal band Steve’n’Seagulls descended upon Newport, Kentucky, last night in what was bound to be an epic concert. The band spent some time in Texas for SxSW last week and played in Nashville Monday night, and have just a handful of US dates remaining, so if they are coming to your area (Chicago, Pittsburgh, DC, New York), you have to see them before they fly away! The set began with their version of GNR’s “Paradise City” and they did not let up for the next hour and a half. I believe all the song from Farm Machine were performed, as well as Megadeth’s “Symphony of Destruction,” and they closed with Steppenwolf’s “Born to Be Wild” as an encore. The guys were all smiles while they played, obviously having a blast doing what they do, and the crowd was enthusiastic, singing along with Iron Maiden, AC/DC, and Metallica songs bluegrass style.

Steve n Seagulls

Steve n Seagulls

Steve n Seagulls

Steve n Seagulls

Steve n Seagulls

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Christmas gift ideas for your rock ‘n’ roll fan

Rock isn’t dead, and here are ten records to prove it. If the rocker in your life likes classic hard rock, there’s a good chance he’ll love some of these albums. They are not all brand new, but there are some hidden gems that even the most grizzled rockers have not heard.


Of course, if your special rocker is into stuff off the beaten path, check out these bluegrass records that really rock:
Possum Kingdom Ramblers

And then there are books about music…

Farm Machine by Steve ‘N’ Seagulls (2015)


Steve ‘N’ Seaulls
Farm Machine
Spinefarm Records, 2015
50 minutes

Covers albums are generally a bad idea. Poison, Def Leppard, and Guns N’ Roses have all tried and failed, and Metallica’s Garage Inc. is an overrated collection with just a couple of gems. But when a band is able to translate a song from one genre into another, and the song comes out just as powerful as the original, that is when covers albums are great.

That is exactly what happens on Farm Machine by Steve ‘N’ Seagulls. The five-piece bluegrass group performs renditions of hard rock classics by Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, and AC/DC, hillbillyfying them and blowing the listener away. This heavy metal hoedown is a perfect mix of passion and power, displaying both the timeless nature of the song and the talent of Steve ‘N’ Seagulls.

My personal favorite here is “Holy Diver,” a song originally recorded by the late Ronnie James Dio. We are approaching the five-year anniversary of the singer’s death, yet this song, which was released in 1983, sounds just as fantastic today as it did when first released, even in a different genre. Of all the cover versions of this song out there, Steve ‘N’ Seagulls’ entry is by far my favorite.

Watch the band perform Metallica’s “Seek and Destroy” below:

1. Grand Opening
2. Black Dog
3. Thunderstruck
4. The Trooper
5. Ich Will
6. Paradise City
7. Nothing Else Matters
8. Over The Hills And Far Away
9. Seek And Destroy
10. Holy Diver
11. Run To The Hills
12. You Shook Me All Night Long
13. Cemetery Gates

Learn more about Spinefarm Records.

Learn more about Steve ‘N’ Seagulls.

Purchase Farm Machine by Steve ‘N’ Seagulls.

Steve N Seagulls

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