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Goodbye, Kenny Kanowski

(1964 – August, 2017)

Former Steelheart guitarist Kenny Kanowski passed away a few days ago. The cause of death has not been announced. Kanowski appeared on the 1996 Steelheart album, Wait, co-writing many of the songs. Among his credits was “We All Die Young,” featured in the 2001 Mark Wahlberg movie, Rockstar. Zakk Wylde played the guitar parts in the movie version of the track.


Top 50 Hair Metal Songs: #22 – Steelheart “I’ll Never Let You Go”

I don’t remember Steelheart from 1990, but the debut self-titled reached #40 on the charts, while this song rose all the way to #14 on the US Hot 100. Singer Miljenko Matijevic also lent his voice to Mark Wahlberg for the Rock Star movie.

Other songs considered: “She’s Gone,” “Can’t Stop Me Lovin’ You”

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