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Hey punk, why don’t you write something?

I consider Steve of the White Sox Cards blog a friend. I have had pleasant experiences exchanging 2.5×3.5 pieces of cardboard with Steve on several occasions. I can overlook the fact that he roots for the White Sox, and I share his love for horror.

Sometime in the last year, there was a call for submissions for an anthology of “roadkill horror” stories. I posted about it on this blog, but being a slacker didn’t get my story submitted in time. Steve, however, did. And he is now a published author.

And he is about to be published again. You should go to KnightWatch Press and order a copy of Roadkill Cafe and, as soon as it is available, purchase a copy of Code Z, which will also feature a story by my friend Steve.

I had forgotten about KW until Steve mentioned it yesterday. I surfed back over to the site, and there are several anthologies accepting open submissions now. The one due the soonest (October 31) is Machina Mortis: Steampunk’d Tales of Terror.

I’m not very familiar with the steampunk genre, so I probably won’t write a story for that particular anthology. I may study it and perhaps put some thoughts down on paper, but I doubt I will submit anything this round. However, I wanted to bring it to your attention, just in case you happen to have a horror-themed steampunk story bouncing around in your head.

Happy haunting!

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