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Lita Ford to release new album Time Capsule April 15 via SPV/Steamhammer

Lita Ford Time Capsule

Album Features Guest Appearances From Gene Simmons, Billy Sheehan, Jeff Scott Soto, Dave Navarro & Rick Nielsen

American vocalist/guitarist Lita Ford is set to release her latest album Time Capsule on SPV/Steamhammer on April 15, 2016. The very special and unusual recording turns back the clock to a time when honest, down-to-earth rock music was still handmade and recorded without digital tricks and contraptions. Time Capsule is a “throwback” record that boasts identifiable voices and brilliant players jamming without any planning or pressure. Some of the album`s highlights: Billy Sheehan (bass), Rodger Carter (drums), Dave Navarro (mandolin), Jeff Scott Soto (vocals), Rick Nielsen and Robin Zander (backing vocals) and Gene Simmons (bass).

“There was a (ton) of these 24-track analog tapes in the closet in my house (in the islands),” Ford recalls. “This is some of the best work I`ve ever done and it was sitting there. I grabbed two suitcases and took them back to the United States.” Imagine Ford dragging a pair of suitcases full of analog tapes through the Caribbean dirt back to Los Angeles. “If you just put them on the reel, they would flake. I was chewing my fingernails, thinking, ´Please work! ` And they did!”

Time Capsule contains ten songs plus an intro and will be available as a digipak as well as an LP version and download. It`s Ford`s gift to fans who love the ´80s, when thrilling vocal performances, raunchy riffs, and loud, growling guitars were as essential as oxygen. Time Capsule is available for pre-order HERE.

Track Listing:
1. Intro 1:35
2. Where Will I Find My Heart Tonight 04:47
3. Killing Kind 04:49
4. War Of The Angels 05:44
5. Black Leather Heart 03:33
6. Rotten To The Core 04:21
7. Little Wing 03:01
8. On The Fast Track 03:41
9. King Of The Wild Wind 05:04
10. Mr. Corruption 04:15
11. Anything For The Thrill 03:25

LITA FORD Live 2016

2/12: Houston,TX – BFE Rock Club
2/13: Tyler,TX – Rock N´Valentines Festival
2/14: Fort Worth,TX – The Rail Club
2/20: Enoch,AB – River Cree Resort
3/5: Beverly Hills,CA – Saban Theatre
3/19: Toledo,OH – Savage Arena
4/24: Ladson,SC – 98 Rock Fest

08.-11.06. SE-Sölvesborg – Sweden Rock Festival
13.-14.08.B-Kortijk – Alcatraz Festival

More dates will be added soon

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Lita Ford – Living Like A Runaway (2012)

Lita Ford Living Like A Runaway CD review

Lita Ford
Running Like A Runaway
Steamhammer/SPV, 2012
42 minutes

Killer guitar riffs, driving basslines, straightforward rock vocals and lyrics…this is the Lita Ford we all knew and loved in the 1980s. Forget her last album ever happened; Living Like A Runaway is a return to what Lita does best: rock out. The songs have a classic sound that will no doubt sound great in concert.

Opening for Poison and Def Leppard this summer, she has been playing two songs from the new album. “Branded” is the first track on the record, a hard-hitting song about a bad relationship. The second song being performed live is the title track, “Living Like A Runaway” with a singalong quality that will no doubt become a permanent part of her live performance.

There are several other songs on this album that could work in a live setting. “Relentless” is a hard rocker, while “Mother” is a heartfelt acoustic piece. With Gary Hoey as the producer of the album, one might expect some insane guitar solos, but that’s not the case. There is plenty of great guitar on Living Like A Runaway, but it’s not over-the-top. The restraint shown by Lita and Gary is impressive.

Overall, Living Like A Runaway is a very strong return to form for Lita Ford. It is doubtful you will like every song here, but there is enough to remind the listener of the 1980s to make it worth the time to listen.

1. Branded
2. Hate
3. The Mask
4. Living Like A Runaway
5. Relentless
6. Mother
7. Devil In My Head
8. Asylum
9. Love 2 Hate U
10. A Song To Slit Your Wrists By

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Purchase Lita Ford – Living Like A Runaway.

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