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SLTB ’88: Ted Power

Ted Power, the last card in the Reds team set for Starting Lineup Talking Baseball. Another guy who is still with the Reds organization, even though his playing career is over. Power currently serves as the pitching coach for the Louisville Bats, the Reds’ AAA team. He was also involved in that trade that sent Stillwell to the Royals and brought Danny Jackson to the Queen City for the 1988 season. Power came back to Cincinnati as a free agent in 1991.

SLTB ’88: Frank Williams

Frank Williams passed in January 2009. His story is a rags-to-riches-back-to-rags one, starting as an orphan before finding baseball. But after marital problems, battles with the bottles, and a bad car accident, Williams found himself bouncing between detox centers and shelters. He even used his baseball card as identification at times.

SLTB ’88: Rob Murphy

Another error card! MOJOx2!

Rob (not Bob) Murphy was a workaholic from 1987-1989, finishing 2nd, 1st, and 2nd in appearances among pitchers. According to Wikipedia, “By the time the veteran hurler hung up his spikes, his mother had named eight of her horses after the franchises Murphy played for: Cincy Dancer; King of Beantown; Mariner Hawk; Houston Honey; Calling Card; Ninedaznpinstripes; Djones (after Dale Jones, a Dodgers scout); and Molly Kelly — after sweet Molly Malone, who sold cockles, mussels (but no Marlins).”

SLTB ’88: John Franco

Should John Franco receive serious consideration for the National Baseball Hall of Fame? He has more career saves than Hall of Famers Eckersley, Fingers, and the Goose. He is fourth behind Trevor Hoffman, Mariano Rivera, and should-be Hall of Famer Lee Smith. I had him in my Hall of Famer box back in the 1990s, but now I’m torn (mainly because I hate the idea of relief pitchers in the Hall unless they were really dominant). What do you think?

SLTB ’88: Dennis Rasmussen

I don’t remember Dennis Rasmussen playing for the Reds. I know he did. Baseball-reference says he did. He has a 1988 Donruss card sporting a Reds cap (Donruss didn’t do airbrushing and this was before the days of PhotoShop). But I do not remember it at all.

SLTB ’88: Tom Browning

Mr. Perfect, Tom Browning. Sure, he’s had his problems. But during his career, he was a guy who genuinely seemed to love playing the game.

SLTB ’88: Paul O’Neill

An error card! MOJO! (Did I do that right?)

Paul O’Neill (misspelled O’Neil on this card) was a fella I never could like. I’ve been told that he was just quiet, and it came off as arrogance. The thing I remember most about O’Neill was that time that he kicked the ball back to the infield (click here, scroll down to 1991 to download the video).

SLTB ’88: Dave Collins

Dave Collins. Not really sure what to say about this guy, I never followed his career at all, even with the Reds. He was with Cincinnati twice as a player and came back as a coach in 1999. Until just a few weeks ago, he was the first base coach for the Marlins.

SLTB ’88: Dave Parker

Now this guy should be in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Dave Parker has one of the coolest nicknames in all of sports, “Cobra,” and was a major part of the Pittsburgh Pirates’ success in the late 1970s.

SLTB ’88: Eric Davis

Eric Davis was one of the most exciting players I have ever seen. His athletic ability was amazing; unfortunately he struggled with injuries his entire career. He’ll never be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame, even though his career was on that path early on. But he will always be a Cincinnati favorite.

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