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Do you like to discover new music?

DISCLAIMER: This is a shameless plug for my weekly radio show.

Every Saturday night, I host a radio program on non-profit WMWX in Cincinnati called “Hard Rock Nights.” This program can be heard on 88.9 FM in the local market, but we also stream online so anyone with an internet connection can listen in. The station’s website can be found at

As you can probably figure out from the name of my show, I play a lot of hard rock music. Stuff by bands you’ve heard of, like Metallica, Deep Purple, Dio, Twisted Sister, etc. But I also play a lot of stuff that you have probably never heard, but would probably enjoy if you like the aforementioned bands. Bands like Coldspell, Jorn, Freakshow, and Joetown.

This coming Saturday, I just happen to have a couple of very cool artists appearing on the show with me. The first is Helena, the lead singer for Spider Rockets, a band from New Jersey. The second is Nigel Dupree, who fronts the Nigel Dupree Band and just happens to be the son of Jesse James Dupree, the frontman of a little band you may have heard of called Jackyl.

I will be talking with both of these fantastic people and playing some of their music, as well as the music of bands such as Sleeze Beez, Warrant, Alice Cooper, Ace Frehley, and much, much more. If you are so inclined, I would love to have you tune in to the broadcast this Saturday evening, beginning at 9 pm EDT on

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