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Fun Cards: 1987 Topps Chris Cornell

Soundgarden Chris Cornell 1987 Topps

I’m still processing the news from last Thursday. Chris Cornell, lead singer of one of the greatest bands ever from Seattle (sit down, Nirvana, you’re not even in this conversation), allegedly took his own life after a concert in Detroit Wednesday night. Soundgarden was scheduled to play several shows through the end of this month, and was reportedly halfway through writing songs for a new album.

You never know what is going through someone’s mind, even when they are seemingly sitting on top of the world. Please, friends, take care of yourselves emotionally. If you are struggling, seek assistance. Every prescription does not affect every person the same way, and the side effects are more pronounced in some. Work closely with your doctor to get things straightened out, get on the medication (if that’s necessary) that works best for you, and don’t ignore the warnings.


Goodbye, Chris Cornell

(July 20, 1964 – May 17, 2017)

One of the most talented hard rock singers of the past few decades, Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell has passed. Police are investigating his death as an apparent suicide.

Soundgarden is…oh wait. Maybe not.

So maybe we jumped the gun.

Is Soundgarden reunion really happening?

Soundgarden is back!

Chris Cornell is back with Soundgarden! Exactly what this means, not sure. Just a tour? I hope not. I hope there is some new Soundgarden music in the works. The band’s website says: “The 12 Year Break is Over and School is Back in Session.”

I do not like grunge music, but Soundgarden had enough of a 1970s hard rock vibe to them that I liked the music. I never really included them in the “grunge” category.

What do you think about this reunion?

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