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Screenplay update

For those who are interested, I have finished my initial work on my first screenplay. It has been registered with the WGA, and is now being shipped to some trusted eyes for feedback and suggestions. In the meantime, I will begin work on my second screenplay, which I am hoping to have done by the end of July (earlier if at all possible). I’m really serious about this path, and hopefully I will stay motivated and focused on it so that I can see it come to fruition. And hopefully some of you movie buffs out there will get to enjoy some of my work.

FYI: I’m done

That’s right. I’m done. Finished. It’s over.

The screenplay. And not as in, “I’m done. I quit.” Rather as in, “I’m done. It is finished.”

Well, almost. I still have to go through and edit, add a few things here and there, rearrange this and that…but for all extensive purposes, I am finished writing my first screenplay. After a couple of weeks with the editing pen, I will register it with the WGA and US copyright office, then send it off to a couple of friends in the biz to read through it and make some suggestions (including hopefully suggestions of people to send it to).

So, look out for a new movie in theaters in about 2-3 years with the byline, “Screenplay by Jason T. Carter.”


Motivated again!

I have set a goal for myself: get my screenplay written by the end of May! It’s not as daunting as it sounds…I already have 18 pages written in one night, and I have plenty of nights to work on it! Screenplays are generally 90-120 pages in length, so I’m about 1/5 of the way there.

What about the novel, you ask? Well, I just got stuck…and at only 80 pages, I decided I’m not wordy enough. I can’t bring myself to describe minute details the way most novelists do, and I’m much more interested in dialogue, so I figure a screenplay is the way to go. I already have at least one person willing to read it when I’m finished, and I will of course register it with the WGA. My biggest concern is finding an agent or representative to shop it for me, since I don’t live in Hollywood (nor do I really want to). Hopefully it won’t be as difficult as I fear.

In other news, the radio program is really taking off. I’ve had some great guests on lately, including George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob) and Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big). This Saturday I’ll have Joey Allen (Warrant) on the program, and I’m working on possibly getting Rob Halford (Judas Priest) in the near future. Check out the Hard Rock Nights blog and let me know what you think of what I’ve got going on over there.

And on the sports front, meh. I’ve lost so much interest in baseball it’s not funny. My 9-year old son and I will be attending Opening Day for the Reds, and that may rekindle some interest in the sport, but I’m not banking on it. My fandom has waned so much that I’ve canceled my trip to Cooperstown this summer and will instead be attending the Dukes of Hazzard Fan Fest in the Smokey Mountains. Merle Haggard is playing that weekend, so it will be a blast.

My movie watching has been insane lately. I’ve seen “Once Bitten,” “Vampire’s Kiss,” “Twilight,” “Queen Of The Damned,” all within the past two weeks…and those are just the vampire flicks. “Nosferatu” is on the screen right now. A classic, but a bit of a pain to follow at times. I much prefer “Shadow Of The Vampire,” but really some knowledge of “Nosferatu” is essential to enjoying that movie to its fullest.

That’s all for now. It will soon be bedtime, and then work tonight. Hopefully I’ll be able to equal my productivity on the screenplay during my 12-hour shift.

Peace out.

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