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Has anyone made you feel old yet today?


Zack Morris, A.C. Slater, Kelly Kapowski, and Jessie Spano graduated from Bayside High School on May 22, 1993…more than a quarter of a century ago. The four friends and their spouses got together last night for dinner.

It’s not just the quarter of a century that has passed that makes me feel old, but how these people still look practically the same 25 years later. I really need to get on the treadmill or something.

The complete run of Saved By The Bell episodes is available on DVD for $49.99 from Amazon. You can also pick up Funko Pop! figures of the stars of the show, or choose from a selection of t-shirts to show off your allegience to your fantasy alma mater.

Screech (Dustin Diamond), who was understandably excluded from the dinner party this weekend, wrote a tell-all book about ten years ago called Behind The Bell. I haven’t read it, but the Zack Morris considers it a work of fiction. Read at your own risk.

Random Awesomeness (part 207)

Random Awesomeness

Purchase Hollywood Vampires – Hollywood Vampires (Deluxe with bonus tracks).

Who remembers Saved By The Bell?

Stupid question, right? It’s almost like asking if you remember what your best friend’s name is, because face it, Zack Morris was everyone’s best friend.

There were seven main characters on the show: Zack, Screech, Slater, Kelly, Jessie, Lisa, and Mr. Belding. But there were several other minor characters, such as “Max,” played by Ed Alonzo. If you ever wondered what happened to Max…

Ed Alonzo Max Saved By The Bell Kings Island

He now has a gig as a magician at Kings Island in Cincinnati. This dude is a true entertainer, and puts on a great show four to five times a day (except Wednesday). And after the show, he poses for pictures with fans and gives them free autographed trading cards…

Ed Alonzo Max Saved By The Bell Kings Island

Ed Alonzo Max Saved By The Bell Kings Island

Ed Alonzo Max Saved By The Bell Kings Island

We had a blast watching Mr. Alonzo perform his illusions, and I highly recommend checking out the show when you make your venture to Kings Island this summer.

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