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Random Awesomeness (part 210)

Random Awesomeness

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I’ve been getting nostalgic again

I pine for the good ol’ days, before steroids and strikes and interleague play, before memorabilia cards that drove prices of baseball card packs up to $5+ while the number of cards in the pack went down…down…down…down. Thanks to YouTube, you can find some old clips of baseball games and other gems like “The Baseball Bunch” (starring Johnny Bench and the San Diego Chicken).

Here’s Johnny, the Chicken, and Rick Dempsey recreating the famous “pine tar incident”…

And here is Dwight Gooden’s major league debut from 1984, before he was known nationally as “Doc” or “Dr. K”…

And then there is the return of Gooden after his stint in rehab in 1987…

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