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Happy Reds birthday, Russ Nixon!


February 19, 1935

Russ Nixon enjoyed a 12-year playing career with the Indians, Red Sox, and Twins. He began his managerial career in the lower levels of the Reds’ farm system in 1970, and worked his way up to a coaching job at the major league level under Sparky Anderson in 1976. He took the managerial position in 1982 after John McNamara was fired, but only stayed with Cincinnati through the end of the 1983 season. He went on to coach for the Expos, manage the Braves, and coach for the Mariners at the major league level. He also spent many years instructing minor leaguers. In all, Nixon spent 55 years as a player, coach, or manager in pro ball.

TTM Success: Russ Nixon

Another day, another through-the-mail autograph! This one comes from former manager Russ Nixon

1984 Topps

Nixon signed and returned two cards for me in 53 days. This is the tenth 1984 Topps Reds card (including two in the Traded set) for which I have obtained an autograph. I have a few more requests out, and will be sending more in the coming days.

Mr. Nixon also signed a 1983 Topps card for me.

1983 Topps

I’m not trying to complete the 1983 Topps Reds autographed set, but it sure does look nice, doesn’t it?

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