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Goodbye, Ron Stillwell

(December 3, 1939 – January 25, 2016)


Former Washington Senators infielder and father of one of my favorite baseball players, Ron Stillwell passed away from cancer on Monday. He played 14 games over two seasons, 1961-1962, collecting eight hits in 38 at-bats. His son, Kurt Stillwell, played nine years in the big leagues.

Fun Cards: 1985 Topps “Father-Son” Ron & Kurt Stillwell

It is no secret that I am a huge Kurt Stillwell fan. I have collected a good number of Stillwell’s cards from his career, and have even received a few autographs from friends. One card that I have not yet secured is his dad’s, Ron Stillwell. Ron only played a handful of games for the Washington Senators in the 1960s and was never included in the Topps sets of the day. In 1983 a baseball card set called “One Year Winners” was produced, and that is the card used for the father half below. I found the scan on Baseball Almanac. The Kurt Stillwell photo is from the 1987 Indiana Blue Sox “New Reds Machine” card set.

Ron  Stillwell Kurt Reds

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