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New Shirt Alert! RON PAUL now in my Etsy shop! (free shipping!)

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See also: Joey Votto and Doctor Who…free shipping on those too!

Hey Blogspot, your captcha (among other things) is broken.

Because the characters did match.

On this awesome post by dayf (which will get a spot on the next “Random Awesomeness” post, but go ahead and look at it now), I tried to leave a comment fifteen times. I counted.

Here is what the comment would have been:

Thanks for doing this. Saves me the trouble (although I might still try to do another one with the other photo).

Worth its own post? Not really. But it’s the principle of the thing.

Dear Blogspot users,

This is not the first time I have had trouble posting comments on your excellent posts. Sometimes it’s an OpenID “error,” sometimes the characters of the captcha don’t match (but they do), sometimes it just takes five times of clicking “Post comment.” But it’s getting really annoying, and it’s discouraging to me as a reader of your awesomeness.

WordPress is free.

WordPress is better.

I’ve used both. And I will never ever return to Blogspot.


A WordPress user that reads your content.

Am I the only one that has trouble posting comments on Blogspot? Does anyone have trouble posting comments on WordPress?

Ron Paul and SOPA

I haven’t been following the SOPA debate. It wasn’t until yesterday that I found out Wikipedia was going dark. This morning, I wondered what my main man Ron Paul had to say on SOPA. Of course, he doesn’t disappoint.

Skip to 4:03 to hear what he has to say about the internet censorship bill:

“The government becomes more secretive; at the same time your privacy is being undermined. The Constitution was meant to protect your liberties, your privacy, and the goverment was to be open!

I am not going to vote for Obama

Nor would I have voted for Hillary Clinton. Not because they are Democrats, but because I don’t believe in what they want to do to this country. Don’t mistake that for an endorsement of McCain. However, I do think the path McCain will lead us down is not as dangerous as that of Obama or Clinton. Truth be told, I believe Ron Paul is the best of the bunch. Not that I believe everything he endorses, but he is a lot closer to my views than anyone else in the national spotlight.

Now for something completely different, watch this astoundingly profound video.

eBay goodies

I found an extra PayPal account that I had opened a few years ago, and there was money inside! So I decided to buy a few things on eBay. Here are the goods…

The first lot contained the much sought-after Ron Paul card, as well as a Topps TCH card of Don Mattingly and several Barry Larkin cards (including five Donruss rookie cards).

The second lot featured the Big Klu, and Hall of Famers Seaver, Carew, and Jenkins. Dirt cheap, and no shipping charges…you can’t beat that!

I also received my first batch of cards from a trade made on The Bench, so I’m that much closer to actually completing Topps 2008 Series 1. I think I have 3 more trades pending. I can’t wait to get that binder full!

Anyone want a Huckabee card?

I’ve now got two Mike Huckabee 2008 Topps cards. If you have an extra Ron Paul John McCain or Hillary Clinton or another candidate card (besides Obama, Paul or Biden) and would like to trade for a Huckabee, leave me a comment or send me an e-mail at jasontcarter at gmail.

The Republican candidates speak out

This video is a little old, but still worth watching. John McCain, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, and Ron Paul all weigh in on one of the most important issues of the day…Roger Clemens. Dr. Paul was very wise in not offering an opinion, since he did not have all the facts; Huckabee and Romney both took the easy route saying in effect that they “hoped” he had not disappointed them. The other question asked dealt with the Super Bowl (which at the time of the interview had not been played), and Dr. Paul was the only one who said he usually pulled for the underdogs.

Why isn’t this man getting more support from the American people?!?!

Watch the video here:

That other guy.

Radio talk show host and local Cincinnati legend Bill Cunningham got into a little bit of trouble the other day. It seems that while introducing Senator John McCain at a rally in the Queen City, Cunningham referred to the Democratic front-runner numerous times by his full name, “Barack Hussein Obama.” When questioned whether Obama’s full name should be used, McCain answered in the negative.

So I guess we have to call him “Barack Obama.” But wait…”Barack” rhymes with “Iraq,” one of the countries where our troops are stationed in the war on terror. If “Hussein” reminds us of tyrannical Muslims, surely the very country would as well. So maybe we should just call him “Obama.”

But that won’t work either. See, “Obama” rhymes with “Osama,” and that slip-of-the-tongue has even made it into interviews. I guess we can’t use any part of his name.

So what do we call him? “The black guy running for President”? No, that’s racial. “The Democratic nominee”? Two problems here: 1) he’s not officially the nominee yet, and 2) calling him a “Democrat” is partisan, and we’ve had enough partisan politics in this country.

What about “that other guy”? First, “guy” is gender-specific, so it is demeaning to Senator Hillary Clinton. And we would never want to denigrate her. Second, there’s also “that other guy” Ralph Nader, “that other guy” Mike Huckabee (yes, he’s still in the race), and “that other guy” Ron Paul (yes, he’s still in the race, too). So just calling him “that other guy” may confuse some people.

Oh, you’re already confused? So am I.

Global warmi…hey, wait a minute!

Where did that ice come from? Newsmax is reporting that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has released information showing that the ice that shrank from 5 million square miles to 1.5 million square miles in the space of about 10 months last year…pay attention now…are almost back to their original levels. That’s right: it was five…shrank to 1.5…and is now back to almost 5.

What is the world is going on? How has Al Gore allowed this to happen? Doesn’t he realize what these facts will do to his book sales?

Glenn Beck makes the point in his much-closer-to-reality book, An Inconvenient Book, that the climate changes we have witnessed in recent years are not cause for alarm, but just a part of a climate cycle. In fact, back in the 1970s, scientists were suggesting we dump coal on the icecaps to melt them!

Folks, if you’re going to pay attention to politics, to the environment, to whatever…make sure you investigate both (or in some cases all) points of view. Just because Al Gore says something doesn’t make it a fact. Just because Glenn Beck says something doesn’t make it a fact. Do your research, find out if there are any facts to support the arguments being made, and make an intelligent decision as to who to believe. Make your decision on the facts of the case, not on who speaks “gooder.” Many people are smarter than they sound. Listen to what is said, not how it is said.

A couple of other articles that you may find interesting:

* Will Al Gore Make Peace With Reality?

* British Court Rules Al Gore Film Exaggerated Climate Claims

Who I do support vs. who I should support

According to, I am more similar to Mike Huckabee (69%) than Mitt Romney (68%), John McCain (60%), and Ron Paul (58%). While I like Huckabee (and not for religious reasons, but for policy), I like Paul more. I guess it is the wording of the questions and the level of federal involvement that causes the difference between myself and Dr. Paul. For instance, while I strongly support the death penalty, I do not believe the federal government should be involved in most of those cases–it is a state issue. Does this mean I will change my vote from Paul to Huckabee (if they are both still in the race when the primary comes to Kentucky, that is)? No, I will still vote for the one that I believe has the right policies, and that is Dr. Paul.

What will I do in November, when it is McCain vs. Clinton? The answer is simple: I’ll cry.

UPDATE: I retook the quiz, updating the “importance” of each issue by giving them all a “1” or “2” score rather than weighting some “4” and skipping others. In doing so, I got more of a variety of “oppose/support” questions, and the result was quite different as well. I am now 70% similar to Ron Paul, and 65% to Mike Huckabee. My similarity to McCain (54%) and Romney (53%) took a major plunge as well.

When looking at the candidates no longer running, I’m also similar to Duncan Hunter (71%) and Tom Tancredo (70%) and somewhat similar to Fred Thompson (66%).

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