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Baseball players who also (for lack of a better word) sang

Most of us are familiar with Jack McDowell‘s exploits as a guitar player, or Bernie Williams‘ love for jazz and the guitar. And of course, Bronson Arroyo put out a CD of grunge covers. But before them all, Ron Cey released a single, “One Game at a Time.” I can’t even begin to describe this song. You just have to hear it for yourself…

The b-side was a song called “Playing the Third Base Bag.”

Opening Day is a week away. I can’t wait.

Gypsy Queen – Ron Cey

I have come to appreciate Ron Cey over the past couple of years, thanks to a couple of Dodger fans. He had a very impressive six-year run as an All-Star for the NL from 1974-1979 and was the World Series MVP in 1981.

I have divested myself of Mets and Dodgers

Almost completely. With the exception of doubles and a few select cards, all of my Mets and Dodgers cards will be shipped out tomorrow to Mark, Jim, and Greg. I have Cardinals and Royals set aside for another, as soon as I hear how many Reds he can send. And you’re on deck. What’s your team? How many Reds do you have to trade?

Francisco Rodriguez 1985 Topps

(and here’s the back to that card)
(and here’s a 2008 Topps style card using a photo taken
the same day, designed by Paul’s Random Stuff)

Steve Garvey 2008 Topps

Ron Cey 2008 Topps

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