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Goodbye, Red Schoendienst


Former Cardinals player, coach, and manager Red Schoendienst passed away on Wednesday at the age of 95. He was a popular figure in St. Louis sports and was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1989.


Fun Cards: “Baseball Immortals” Red Schoendienst


Red Schoendienst was on the BBWAA ballot for fifteen years; the highest support he ever received was 42.6% in 1980. He failed to reach any “magic numbers” offensively, finishing his career with 2449 hits and a .289 average. Respectable numbers, no doubt, but well short of a slam-dunk Hall of Fame resume. The Veterans Committee, however, decided to usher him into Cooperstown in 1989 on the strength of ten All-Star appearances and a solid defensive reputation.

Retired Numbers: #2

Uniform #2 has been retired by four MLB teams. All of those honored are in the Hall of Fame. There is little doubt that the New York Yankees will put the number out of commission when Derek Jeter retires as well.

Red Schoendienst, St. Louis Cardinals

Schoendienst was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1989 by way of the Veterans Committee. In addition to a solid career as a player, Red also managed the Cardinals to a World Series win in 1967 and the NL Pennant in 1968.

Charlie Gehringer, Detroit Tigers

Nellie Fox, Chicago White Sox

Tommy Lasorda, Los Angeles Dodgers

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