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R.I.P. Casey Kasem

(April 27, 1932 – June 15, 2014)

Casey Kasem

Legendary radio personality and voice actor Casey Kasem passed away this morning. In addition to hosting American Top 40 on the radio for many years, Kasem also provided the voice for Shaggy in various Scooby-Doo series, Robin in several Super Friends franchises, and a handful of Transformers characters in the 1980s.

R.I.P. Dick Clark

(November 30, 1929 – April 18, 2012)

I do some stuff over there, too.

Some of you may recall that I used to host a radio show, Hard Rock Nights. A few months ago I handed over hosting duties to Brian Basher, and he has taken the show to heights I never imagined. There is a big announcement planned after the Super Bowl (which is tonight, I’m being told), and I can’t wait to see how far he takes this things.

Even though I’m no longer the host, I still do some writing for the new site. There is a little link in the top menu for JT’s Corner. That’s me. Sometimes random, often tongue-in-cheek, always music-related.

There are others writing for the site also. If you like your rock a little heavier, check out Keep It Metal w/ Myron S. In addition to that, press releases are posted all the time to keep you up-to-date with rockers around the world.

I invite you to check it out, leave a comment or two, and tune in to Hard Rock Nights. (Oh, and follow HRN onTwitter for udpates, too.)


Just closed on a house over the weekend, so we’ve been busy packing and making moving plans. Between that and working 8-12 hours a day (including weekends), I haven’t had much time for blogging. My apologies. It’s just too difficult to write a coherent post with pretty pictures and such at work.

But I have been keeping up on my reading. There is a new blog out there, bdj610’s “The Topps 300 (and then some…)”…a response to Topps’ awful attempt at a “top 60.” Get over there and comment on Jaybee’s selections so far, make some suggestions and let’s show Topps how it should have been done!

I would also like to ask you a personal favor to me. Would you be so kind as to take a few seconds to vote for Hard Rock Nights as “best radio show” in the Kerrang! Readers Poll 2010? You do not have to register or even give your e-mail address…just click on that link and fill in the box with “Hard Rock Nights.” Then you can go back and vote on other categories (like Black Robot for “best band”…hint hint).

I do not host the program anymore due to my hectic schedule and the fear of burning out, but it is still alive and well in the capable hands of Brian Basher (who was threatened by Hard Rock Cafe last week…but he stood his ground and they backed down!) and I would really appreciate your continued support. I am still involved with the program, but to a much lesser extent than before.

Speaking of Hard Rock Nights, there is a brand new website for the show! There’s a lot of work left to be done, but it is now live and will be improved over the coming days and weeks.

Ok, now that I’ve got all that out there, I need to get back to being busy doing nothing.

Hard Rock Nights welcomes BRIAN BASHER

For the past two years, JT Carter has delivered a weekly dose of headbanging during the HARD ROCK NIGHTS radio program, and man is his neck tired. Beginning August 13, JT will unplug his microphone and Brian Basher will take over as the new voice of HARD ROCK NIGHTS.

Brian Basher is not a newcomer to the hard rock radio community. He formerly hosted the “Call of the Wild” metal program on KABF in Little Rock, AR, and is currently spinning records at FM 90 ( in Amarillo, Texas, on the HARD ROCK HIDEOUT radio program every Wednesday night beginning at 9 p.m. central.

JT will continue to serve HARD ROCK NIGHTS as a special advisor and occasional host, while Brian Basher handles daily and weekly duties of webmaster and producer of the program. All future affiliate, airplay, and advertising inquiries should be directed to

Hard Rock Nights Presents “The Best of 2009!”

The year 2009 was an exciting one in the world of hard rock. Vintage acts such as Lita Ford, BulletBoys, and Great White released new albums; new groups Coldspell, Jive Mother Mary, and Machines Of Grace offered diversity; we got new live records from giants Steve Vai, Judas Priest, and Cinderella. Frontiers Records continues to deliver material from longtime favorites such as Lynch Mob and Stryper, while Eonian Records unearths gems from Sgt. Roxx, Uzi, and Strike Twice.

Throughout this month, you have and will continue to see year-end lists featuring various writers’ favorite releases on nearly every website. Since Hard Rock Nights is a radio program, we have the privilege of not only giving you a list, but a sampling of the best albums from the year. Beginning December 25, you can catch our “Best Of 2009” show through the end of the year on our affiliate stations (

It’s the “Best Of 2009,” presented by Hard Rock Nights!

Does anyone remember the “Kids America” Radio Show?

Kids America aired from 1984-1987, stationed out of New York but syndicated on a couple dozen public radio stations. I have some very fond memories of this program, and was even put on the air a couple of times. Here’s my first ever appearance on radio…

This is probably the thing that got me into radio in the first place. The show didn’t last long, but I loved it. Kathy O’Connell, one of the hosts, is now with “Kids Corner” on WXPN-FM in Pennsylvania, which can also be heard online. I’ve never listened to the program before, but I probably will now that I have discovered it.

Information on the cancellation of Kids America in 1987 can be found in this New York Times article.

On Dec. 15, Mr. Orfaly and Ms. O’Connell told their listeners they were going off the air for what they described as complicated reasons that had to do with money. Since then, WNYC has received hundreds of letters, expressing more indignation than sadness, according to the general manager of WNYC radio, Wally Smith. Many children have sent in money to try to keep the show on the air.

I’m kinda depressed after reading that.

Does anyone else remember the program?

EDIT: I just found another article by Googling Larry Orfaly’s name (he was one of the hosts). It links to the Ocala Star-Banner on Google News Archive Search, and it’s a newspaper from 1986. This is the first time I’ve seen this Google/Microfiche thing. Check it out!

EDIT #2: Another search result, this time with audio! This comes from the original program, called “Small Things Considered,” in 1984. (you have to go to the page that says “Small Things Considered” in the left hand column)

EDIT #3 (and the last one): I really should have Googled before posting this entry. If you Google Larry Ofraly, there are tons of sites that mention Kids America. I’d like to find a site that is actually a tribute to the show and nothing else, but I’ll be happy with whatever I find. Here’s a page from New York Magazine back in the day.

Tyler Mane to guest on Hard Rock Nights

Tyler Mane is the special guest on the next episode of Hard Rock Nights, October 23-29. Mane is best known for his role as Michael Myers in Rob Zombie’s Halloween and Halloween 2, and has just started his own production company which will begin filming the horror film Penance Lane next year.

This week’s Hard Rock Nights is a special horror-themed edition to celebrate Halloween. Tracks from Iron Maiden, Rob Zombie, Dokken and more that feature some connection to the holiday or horror will be featured, including Alice Cooper’s brand new “Keepin’ Halloween Alive.”

Hard Rock Nights can be heard on over a dozen radio stations throughout the week. Click here for a complete list of stations and times.


I want more…more…more!!!

Hard Rock Nights has been picked up by two more radio stations, bringing our total to nine. But we’re always looking for more broadcasting partners!

Contact your local rock radio station and tell them to contact for information on how they become an HRN affiliate!

We’ve got a ton of cool guests coming up, including Zak Stevens (Savatage/Machines of Grace), Steve Vai (David Lee Roth/Whitesnake), Nicholas Flynt (Uzi), and Bill Leverty (FireHouse)!

Don’t miss a single week!

You can connect with HRN online:


Listen to Hard Rock Nights NOW!

Hard Rock Nights is airing right now on Stickman Radio. Yes, right NOW…and every Friday afternoon beginning at 1 pm EST. If you miss this afternoon’s show, you can hear it tonight beginning at 10 pm EST on KWTF The Edge, or tomorrow night at 9 pm EST or Sunday at noon EST on Rock Hard Radio!

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