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The Who’s Who of Doctor Who by Cameron K. McEwan (2014)

The Whos Who Of Doctor Who Book Review

The Who’s Who of Doctor Who
by Cameron K. McEwan
Race Point Publishing, 2014
240 pages

Doctor Who is still going strong after fifty years, but to enjoy the program and all it has to offer one has to understand the characters and how they relate to each other. And with fifty years worth of characters, there is a lot to learn. The Who’s Who of Doctor Who is a handy reference to do just that. Character sketches of each of the Doctor’s incarnations, his companions, his friends and his foes give readers an understanding of the people on the screen. No, not the actors—their names are never even mentioned by the author—but the actual characters, presented to the reader as real people.

Photographs are abundant inside the pages of The Who’s Who of Doctor Who, as are illustrations by Andrew Skilleter, who was associated with the program from 1979 through 1995. This is not the first time his Doctor Who artwork has appeared in book form; in 1995 Blacklight: The Art of Andrew Skilleter was published showcasing his artistic appreciation for the BBC franchise.

Author Cameron K. McEwan is no novice either, but the mastermind behind Blogtor Who, one of the best DW fan sites on the internet. The Who’s Who of Doctor Who is well researched and well written and is perfect for new DW fans as well as old fans that are a bit rusty on the classic series.

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