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Christmas gift ideas for your rock ‘n’ roll fan

Rock isn’t dead, and here are ten records to prove it. If the rocker in your life likes classic hard rock, there’s a good chance he’ll love some of these albums. They are not all brand new, but there are some hidden gems that even the most grizzled rockers have not heard.


Of course, if your special rocker is into stuff off the beaten path, check out these bluegrass records that really rock:
Possum Kingdom Ramblers

And then there are books about music…

Possum Kingdom Ramblers by Possum Kingdom Ramblers (2015)

possum kingdom ramblers

Possum Kingdom Ramblers
by Possum Kingdom Ramblers
Genterine Records, 2015
22 minutes

Bambi Lynn and Ricky Zero from Radio Cult join forces with Buddy Finethy, Jas Ingram, and Timothy Price to form an entertaining bluegrass album complete with original compositions and interesting cover songs. The self-titled album begins with Ingram’s “When I First Found You,” a story of love at first sight. The next track is a cover of the Blue Öyster Cult classic, “Godzilla.” It’s a kooky cover of a hard rock classic that is just as fun as the original. Listeners may get hungry listening to the album, as the group sings about “Sweet Ice Cream,” “Bar-B-Que” (a Paul Williams cover), and “A Piece of Possum Pie.” There is also a version of Linda Laurie’s theme song for Sid ad Marty Krofft’s Land of the Lost, with an original lead-in, “Sleestak Prelude In A.” Zero and Lynn even get to cover their other band, Radio Cult, with “Saturday Midnight Double Feature,” from RC’s 2011 Never Enough release.

Bass guitarist Zero writes that he and Lynn have been involved with this band for about a year, and says, “This one was a lot of fun!” Not only was it fun for them to record, it’s fun for the listener to hear. My only complaint is the length of the release, only 22 minutes long, but at only $6 it’s difficult to complain too loudly. It just leaves me wanting more!

Watch the video for “Godzilla” below:

1.When I First Found You
3.Sweet Ice Cream
4.Sleestak Prelude in A
5.Land of the Lost
6.That Cat
8.Saturday Midnight Double Feature
9.A Piece of Possum Pie

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