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Fun Cards: “Baseball Immortals” Barney Dreyfuss


“Hey, look! I got a Barney Dreyfuss card!” *rolls eyes, throwing pack down in disgust*


Fun Cards: “Baseball Immortals” Bill Mazeroski


I remember where I was when I heard Bill Mazeroski was elected to the Hall of Fame. I was not a Maz fan, nor a Pirates fan, and I may have not even been aware of his World Series heroics at the time. But sitting in my car in the CVS parking lot in Bowling Green, Kentucky, I remember hearing on ESPN radio that Mazeroski was going to the Hall of Fame. I have no idea why that memory stays with me.

Mazeroski was a very good defensive second baseman, and perhaps that contributed more than anything to his candidacy. He appeared in ten All-Star Games, received eight Gold Glove Awards, and was named the 1960 Major League Player of the Year by the Sporting News.

Fun Cards: “Baseball Immortals” Vic Willis


Vic Willis was a standout pitcher for the Boston Beaneaters and Pittsburgh Pirates in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. He won 249 games with a 2.63 ERA, and helped the Pirates win the 1909 World Championship over Ty Cobb‘s Detroit Tigers.

Fun Cards: “Baseball Immortals” Willie Stargell

In 1980, SSPC released a set of cards featuring baseball Hall of Famers called “Baseball Immortals.” The set was updated in 1984, 1986, and 1987 to include new inductees. These were some of my favorite non-mainstream cards when I began collecting, because how else was I going to get a card of Babe Ruth or Lou Gehrig? Not too many of these cards remain in my collection, but I would like to get my hands on a complete set someday. That is, as complete as it gets…through 1987.

Unfortunately, inductees from 1988 onward never became a part of the SSPC “Baseball Immortals” set. Let’s fix that, shall we?

I have created virtual cards or “fun cards” of all the inductees from 1988 through 1999 so far, with plans to eventually bring the set completely up to date. 2006 may be the biggest challenge in this, with 18 inductees that year alone. But we’ll tackle that year when we get there. Today, we will begin with the lone inductee from 1988, Pittsburgh’s Willie Stargell.

Pops 1988 Baseball Immortals Willie  Stargell

“Pops” was a first-ballot inductee with 82.4% of the BBWAA vote in 1988. The 1979 NL MVP slugged 475 home runs in his 21-year career. In addition to the NL MVP award, Stargell also took home World Series MVP honors in 1979 as the Bucs defeated the Baltimore Orioles in seven games.

Fun Cards: 1988 Topps All-Star Bob Walk

Bob Walk Pittsburgh Pirates 1988 All-Star Topps

The three best pitchers in the National League in 1988 were Orel Hershiser, Danny Jackson, and David Cone. No ifs, ands, or buts. But at the break, it was not so clear-cut. Pittsburgh pitcher Bob Walk had ten victories at the break along with a 2.47 ERA, while Hershiser sat at 13 wins/2.62 ERA, Jackson at 10/3.28, and Cone at 9/2.52. However, the latter three ended the season with at least 20 wins, while Walk was only able to muster two more victories in 1988.

Bob Walk Pittsburgh Pirates 1988 All-Star Topps

Still, at the break, Walk was in the mix for best pitcher in the National League. and he was rewarded with a trip to Cincinnati for the All-Star Game.

Fun Cards: 1988 Topps All-Star Bobby Bonilla


Mike Schmidt started seven All-Star games from 1981-1989; Graig Nettles started in 1985, and Bobby Bonilla in 1988. Topps featured Tim Wallach at third base in the 1988 All-Star subset, but the Expos’ third baseman did not appear in the 1988 game.


Bonilla recently received his yearly $1.2 million payment from the Mets. He will receive a check from the Mets every year through 2035 as a result of his release in 2000.

Goodbye, Mike Sandlock

(October 17, 1915 – April 4, 2016)


Former MLB catcher for the Boston Braves, Brooklyn Dodgers, and Pittsburgh Pirates, Mike Sandlock passed away Monday at the age of 100. At the time of his death he was the oldest verified former major leaguer. That distinction now goes to 99-year old Eddie Carnett.

Goodbye, Joe Garagiola, Sr.

(February 12, 1926 – March 23, 2016)

Recipient of the Baseball Hall of Fame’s Ford C. Frick Award in 1991, Joe Garagiola, Sr. played nine years for the St. Louis Cardinals, Pittsburgh Pirates, Chicago Cubs, and New York Giants. He started his broadcast career with KMOX in 1955 calling Cardinals games, later work with NBC radio and television.

Baseball Stadiums 2016 Calendar published by TF Publishing

Baseball Stadiums Calendar

Baseball Stadiums 2016 Calendar
published by TF Publishing, 2015

Now that October has arrived, it is time to admit that Christmas is just around the corner. Yes, we have to get through Halloween and Thanksgiving first, but it is never too soon to start thinking about what gifts you will be buying for others. One small gift that is timeless is the calendar. Whether you go with the daily boxed variety, or the monthly hang-on-the-wall calendar, everyone needs to know what day it is at some point.

Perfect Timing publishes a wide variety of calendars, including this very nice Baseball Stadiums 2016 Calendar. Twelve ballparks are featured, including such vital statistics as home team, opening date, dimensions, capacity, and playing surface. The twelve parks are Busch (St. Louis), AT&T (San Francisco), Fenway (Boston), Citi (New York Mets), PNC (Pittsburgh), Great American (Cincinnati), Yankee (New York Yankees), Wrigley (Chicago Cubs), Chase (Arizona), Comerica (Detroit), Rogers (Toronto), and Dodger (Los Angeles). The calendar measures 11.8×23.4 when hung on the wall, showing the stadium of the month; the calendar portion has plenty of room to jot down appointment and meeting reminders in the blocks.

Learn more about TF Publishing.

Purchase Baseball Stadiums 2016 Calendar published by Perfect Timing.

The Pittsburgh Pirates’ 1960 Season by David Finoli (2015)


The Pittsburgh Pirates’ 1960 Season
by David Finoli
Arcadia Publishing, 2015
128 pages

Nearly every franchise has that one season that is etched into the minds of hardcore fans—one season that stands above all others. For the Pittsburgh Pirates, that season is 1960. Third baseman Dick Groat was the MVP, while 20-game winner Vern Law won the Cy Young Award. Young right fielder Roberto Clemente was coming into his own, while Roy Face was one of the most successful closers in the game. More than a half century later, Danny Murtaugh is still revered for his tenure as manager of the team. Baseball history will never forget Bill Mazeroski‘s dramatic Game 7 home run to win the World Series against the New York Yankees.

In Arcadia Publishing’s latest release in the “Images of Baseball” series, author David Finoli recalls the magical season at Forbes Field through vintage photographs featuring the players, the front office, and the park. In addition to the stars, Finoli examines the lesser-known players, from Rocky Bridges to Bob Oldis to Gino Cimoli. The photographs are a mix of portraits, candid, and action shots. There are a couple of unfortunate instances when the photo extends past one page, and part of it is obscured in the binding between the two pages. The most glaring example is on pages 66-67; Face and Mazeroski can be clearly seen, but Smoky Burgess is lost in the fold. Fortunately, there are very few instances of the photo taking two pages.

The Pittsburgh Pirates’ 1960 Season is a great way to learn about one of the best teams the Steel City has ever fielded, with a fine selection of photographs collected for posterity.

Learn more about Arcadia Publishing.

Purchase The Pittsburgh Pirates’ 1960 Season by David Finoli.

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