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Jimi Hendrix – People, Hell and Angels (2013)

Jimi Hendrix review

Jimi Hendrix
People, Hell and Angels
Experience Hendrix, 2013
42 minutes

More than four decades after his death, Jimi Hendrix is still relevant in the world of rock and roll. The number of albums that have been released posthumously featuring the innovative guitarist’s work continues to grow, but not all posthumous records measure up. People, Hell and Angels is an interesting mix of little-known Hendrix songs, and while these particular recordings are not available on other collections, the songs do appear in other forms elsewhere.

The highlights on this record are “Earth Blues,” “Hear My Train A Comin’,” and “Hey Gypsy Boy.” Conversely, the producers would have been wise to omit the noodling of “Easy Blues” from the final release. “Let Me Move You” is interesting as it features saxophonist Lonnie Youngblood on vocals rather than Hendrix; “Mojo Man” also sees the guitarist focus on his instrument while Albert Allen handles the microphone. Since this is a compilation, the other musicians featured on the album vary, including Billy Cox, Buddy Miles, and Mitch Mitchell. Even Stephen Stills makes an appearance as a bassist on “Somewhere.”

Is this a good Jimi Hendrix album? Nearly everything Hendrix recorded was good, so the answer is yes. Is it an essential Hendrix album? Sadly, the answer is no.

Listen to “Earth Blues” below:

1. Earth Blues
2. Somewhere
3. Hear My Train A Comin’
4. Bleeding Heart
5. Let Me Move You
6. Izabella
7. Easy Blues
8. Crash Landing
9. Inside Out
10. Hey Gypsy Boy
11. Mojo Man
12. Villanova Junction Blues

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