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In The Shadow of Edgar Allan Poe: Classic Tales of Terror, 1816-1914 edited by Leslie S. Klinger (2015)

In The Shadow of Edgar Allan Poe

In The Shadow of Edgar Allan Poe: Classic Tales of Terror, 1816-1914
edited by Leslie S. Klinger
Pegasus Books, 2015
320 pages

When one thinks of macabre short stories, Edgar Allan Poe is often the first author that comes to mind. His morbid ability makes him the most popular of the genre, and often others are forgotten. In The Shadow of Edgar Allan Poe is a collection of stories compiled by Leslie S. Klinger to remind fans of the genre that there are tales not penned by Poe, but worthy of attention.

Klinger writes in the introduction, “While a few of the stories have been widely anthologized, most have been lost in the shadow of Edgar Allan Poe.” He is well-studied in the fiction of the time period, having previously edited The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes, The New Annotated Dracula, and The New Annotated H. P. Lovecraft.

Two names in this anthology that are very familiar are Arthur Conan Doyle (author of Sherlock Holmes) and Bram Stoker (author of Dracula). Their stories included here are “The Leather Funnel” (Doyle) and “The Squaw” (Stoker). Other writers include M.R. James (who influenced H.P. Lovecraft and Neil Gaiman), Saki (also known as H.H. Munro), W.C. Morrow, and E.T.A. Hoffman. Each story is well-crafted, preceded by a brief biography of the author, and presented with footnotes where the edi-tor deemed necessary. In The Shadow of Edgar Allan Poe is an excellent collection that will darken any day, especially during the Halloween season.

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Rosemary’s Baby by Ira Levin (1967)

Rosemarys Baby by Ira Levin NBC Miniseries paperback reprint

Rosemary’s Baby
by Ira Levin
Pegasus Books, 2014 reprint
245 pages

Bearing new artwork to coincide with the recent NBC miniseries, the re-release of Ira Levin’s classic 1967 horror tale Rosemary’s Baby thankfully received no rewrites to match the new screenplay. While I have not watched the miniseries in its entirety, I have seen enough of it to know that it deviates far too much from Levin’s masterful yarn of demonic deception. That said, I would encourage all to read the book, whether you have watched NBC’s program or not.

The novel is divided into three parts, following Rosemary’s path to pregnancy and all the complications she faced. This is no ordinary pregnancy however, as the protagonist unwittingly battles evil at every turn. When she finally discovers the devastating truth, she melts into paranoia. Levin’s writing during this section of the story is particularly on-point, perfectly balancing suspense with terror.

All horror fans owe it to themselves to enjoy Levin’s Rosemary’s Baby in book form.

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