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Lynch Mob – Sound Mountain Sessions (2012)

Lynch Mob Sound Mountain Sessions review

Lynch Mob
Sound Mountain Sessions
Rat Pak Records, 2012
19 minutes

Throughout their on-again, off-again relationship, guitarist George Lynch and singer Oni Logan have made some amazing music in the group Lynch Mob. The original vocalist for the band, Logan and Lynch split up after 1990’s Wicked Sensation, finally reconciling and reuniting for 2009’s Smoke and Mirrors. More problems arose, and the group has used several different singers over the past year and a half, but last week a new 4-song CD surfaced featuring Logan behind the mic once again. As with Wicked Sensation and Smoke and Mirrors, Sound Mountain Sessions is impressive at every turn.

Bass player Robbie Crane (Ratt, Vince Neil) and drummer Scot Coogan (Brides of Destruction) join Lynch and Logan on this release, providing the foundation on which the songs are built. Logan’s voice sounds as good as it ever did, and Lynch is still at the top of his game on his ESP guitar (as already evidenced by his excellent solo release Legacy, reviewed yesterday). From the snarling “Slow Drag” to the earworm-chorus of “City of Freedom,” Lynch Mob has released a strong but short record that will leave the listener begging for more.

1. Slow Drag
2. World Of Chance
3. City Of Freedom
4. Sucka

Watch the video for “Slow Drag” below:

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