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Fun Cards Submission: 1987 Topps Nick Senzel and Aristides Aquino

Here is part 2 of Jere Chandler’s “fun cards” that he shared with me yesterday.

Nick Senzel is the one who got all the love earlier this year, but Aristides Aquino has put up the numbers. Will either one actually receive a little trophy on his card next year? I haven’t followed the rookies league-wide much this year except for the Blue Jays dudes, so I can’t say for sure. Who do you think should be All-Star Rookies?



No offense to Jere, but I’m tired of 1987 Topps baseball. It’s an all-time classic design, no doubt, but Topps has shoved it in our faces so much over the past few years I’m just ready to never see it again (or at least until 2036 when it is used for Heritage, assuming I did my math correctly, which is a dangerous assumption).


Random Awesomeness (part 2019.7)

Random Awesomeness

What I’m Reading Right Now: The Message of Psalms 73-150 by Michael Wilcock.

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Fun Cards: 2019 Reds, 1987 Topps football style: Nick Senzel “Super Rookie”


Man, this has been a rough season so far. So much potential, such high expectations, such frustrating results. Friday’s game was an absolute disaster, losing 12-11 in extra innings after taking an early 8-run lead. It was the debut of phenom Nick Senzel, who is under a great deal of pressure to get the offense back on track. He walked twice, scored a run, and got an infield hit. Not the worst debut in history, but it would have been nice if the team had won the game.

They did hold on Saturday night in a 9-2 nailbiter, and Senzel launched his first home run of his career, a 379-foot solo shot off Dereck Rodriguez. It was his only hit of the night. But hey, it was a hit…and the team won!

The Reds are playing .500 ball with Senzel in the lineup. They have scored 20 runs since his call-up. I would say that’s a good start.

Just in time for Opening Day (part 2)

crawford cards

Also in the mail today was a package from Phillies fan @Crawdad79. He sent a slew of 2018 Topps that I’ll be able to use for TTMs and trades, but also helped finish off my Reds non-SP team set with Billy Hamilton


He also sent some Bowman Platinum cards, including a couple of guys who will hopefully shine for Cincinnati for many years to come, Nick Senzel and a very sparkly Taylor Trammell



Scott, I’ll be digging through some boxes for Phillies cards to send you this weekend. Thanks for the Reds!

Still waiting for the Reds to make that late-inning comeback and start the season right!

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