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Parcells: A Football Life by Bill Parcells and Nunyo Demasio (2014)

[Review by TWJ contributor Jim.]


Parcells: A Football Life
by Bill Parcells and Nunyo Demasio
Crown Archetype, 2014
544 pages

Whether you follow football or not, you know the name Bill Parcells. He is a Hall of Fame coach with a big personality and was always good at providing a good audio clip when talking to the media. Wouldn’t it be interesting to get a behind the scenes look at this complex man and what makes him tick? You have your chance now, as you follow him from his upbringing in northern New Jersey to the day he was inducted into the pro football Hall of Fame.

In Parcells: A Football Life, you will get a behind the scenes look of Duane “Bill” Parcells and his life and career in football. Stories like how standing up to a neighborhood bully as a child shaped his conviction to be confrontational, as it clears the air. You’ll also hear about his friendships with such men as Bob Knight, Jerry Jones, Leon Hess and many, many others. You’ll hear about a game early in the career of Knight, when he was coaching at Army, and as they were leaving, Parcells, there supporting his friend as a fan, punched out a fan trying to hit Knight. Then Knight and his team form a protective “bubble” around him as they leave the gym and the police looking for him. There are many many other good stories in this book, good luck trying to put it down!

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2011 Ex-Bengals (’86 Style): Chad Ochocinco

It broke my youngest son’s heard when the Bengals traded Chad Ochocinco to the Patriots. He was fun to watch.

And the first pick of the draft is…

Does anyone else remember the 1990 NFL draft? Or, more importantly, the Pro Set draft day release of Jeff George on the Colts?

As almost everyone knows, Pro Set also produced other cards depending on different draft day scenarios. The Atlanta Falcons actually had the first pick, and there was some speculation that they might select George…

…or linebacker Keith McCants out of Alabama…

…or that they might trade the pick to the New England Patsyrots, who were thinking about drafting George…

But the deal was made to send the pick to Indy, who used it to draft hometown hero Jeff George. Pro Set produced a proper Jeff George card wearing a Colts uniform in series 2, numbered the same as the draft day card. The honeymoon didn’t last long in Indianapolis, however, and George was actually traded to Atlanta four years later. McCants ended up with Tampa Bay; the Patsyrots drafted Chris Singleton and Ray Agnew in the first round; Atlanta ended up with Steve Broussard.

Emmitt Smith was passed over by 16 teams before the Cowboys took him with the 17th pick. Shannon Sharpe was available until the Broncos took him in the 7th round…193 players deep into the draft. Seven-time Pro Bowler John Randle was not drafted at all, signing with the Vikings during training camp.

By the way, the above cards are not Photoshop creations. They are actual cards produced by Pro Set in 1990, recently purchased for too much money by yours truly on eBay.

Sure, the Patriots have had a perfect season (so far)…

…but do they have a theme song?

Regardless of how many games they win, the Patriots will never trump the 1985 Chicago Bears in this category. No team will.

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