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Congratulations, Thomas More Saints women’s basketball team

Thomas More

The Thomas More Saints women’s basketball team has been undefeated for two seasons, repeating as NCAA Division III Champions! TWJ contributor Patrick is an alumnus of Thomas More College, and delivered with a great original “fun card” to commemorate the girls’ wire-to-wire season.

Today is National Corndog Day

CORNDOGSYes, it’s a real thing.

It happens every year on the first Saturday of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

I will be celebrating tonight at work, and I am very excited. Not because I like basketball (I don’t). Rather, because it gives me an excuse to make this.

Who do you have in the big game?

I filled out my brackets last night for the NCAA tournament. I’ve decided it’s more about luck than anything, and since I don’t know much at all about men’s college hoops, I’ll be lucky to get half of them correct. The real question is, “Who do you have in the big game?” The first few rounds don’t matter in the big picture. I picked North Carolina to beat Xavier in the finals. Who do you have winning it all?

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