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Fun Cards Submission: 1978 Fleer Lauren Hill with Pat Summit

Lauren Hill and Pat Summit

TWJ contributor also sent over this “fun card” of Lauren Hill and the legendary Pat Summit, who presented Hill with the “Most Courageous Award” at halftime during Sunday’s game. Hill scored the first and last points of her first and last basketball game.

Fun Cards: 2014 TWJ Lauren Hill

2014 TWJ Lauren Hill

In addition to his fine submissions today, TWJ contributor Patrick encouraged me to make a 2014 TWJ card for Lauren Hill. A great idea, and a deserving athlete if there ever was one.

Fun Cards Submission: 1961 Nu-Card Basketball Scoops Lauren Hill

1961 Nu-Card Basketball Scoops Lauren Hill

Another great submission from TWJ contributor Patrick, starring Mount St. Joseph basketball player Lauren Hill.

Fun Cards Submission: 1990 Topps Debut Lauren Hill

1990 Topps Lauren Hill

TWJ contributor Patrick scored big with three awesome “fun cards” of Lauren Hill. Here is the first, in the style of the 1990 Topps MLB Debut set. If you’re not familiar with Hill’s story, then you haven’t turned on a television or logged onto Facebook in the past couple of days. Click here for the story.

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