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Christmas gift ideas for your He-Fans and She-Ravers

By the Power of Grayskull! He-Man has one of the strongest fan bases of any 1980s cartoon series, and the merchandise available to choose from is insane. Here are just He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Speciala handful of suggestions for the He-Fan or She-Raver in your life.

Visual Media

He-Man minicomics


Comic Books
He-Man Thundercats

Toys and Collectibles

AttireShe-Ra shirt

P.S. — If anyone wants to get me something for Christmas (because I’m not spending this type of money on a CD), I would love the Filmation Original Soundtrack. $45 just seems a little steep to me.

Masters of the Universe soundtrack

Thundercats are loose!

It’s interesting to see what generates the most traffic for this little blog from day to day. It’s usually a baseball post, but sometimes it’s an older post that is just popular, seemingly out of the blue. Of course, once I dig a little deeper, I can usually figure out why so many new people are coming here for the same reason.

Yesterday the most popular post was “2009 Topps Thundercats.” My son had done a series of Thundercats custom cards based on the 2009 Topps baseball design.

Many of you know that Cartoon Network will be airing a new Thundercats series beginning in 2011. But that news was announced in June…why the sudden interest in December? The reason is simple: a new voice actor has been announced recently, and that has renewed the buzz around the series.

Thundercats Lair posted on Wedesday that Matthew Mercer will be the new voice of Tygra.

I’m really looking forward to the new Thundercats and hope CN doesn’t screw it up like they did He-Man (IOW, they need to actually promote the show and not just hope the toys do it for you…even if those toys are totally awesome).

Speaking of He-Man toys…anyone got a Snake Armor He-Man they want to dump cheap? I can’t justify spending more than $40 on a toy that is going to be played with…a lot. My 11-year old has wanted it since we saw it on eBay several years ago, but we’ve never seen it for less than $75 after shipping. I just can’t do it with a clear conscience. We don’t care if it has been opened, or if you don’t have the original packaging. We just want the toy.

If you want to make a little boy’s Christmas extra special with Snake Armor He-Man, let me know.

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