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JT’s Ultimate Mixtape: Pearl Jam edition

It took me a long time to warm up to Pearl Jam. Long as in about twenty years. It was not until I watched the documentary on Netflix a few years ago that I really started digging the band. I tried back in the day; I had Ten on cassette, and Vs. on CD, but never really got into them. But after watching Twenty and reviewing the band’s output since the grunge explosion, I have grown to appreciate and even like Pearl Jam, much to some of my college friends’ displeasure. With their recent Rock Hall induction, this is a perfect time to give these rockers the “Ultimate Mixtape” treatment.

Pearl Jam Ultimate Mixtape

If you are not familiar with the “Ultimate Mixtape” concept, here is a quick run-down of the rules:

  • Every album must be represented by one and only one song.
  • The selected song does not have to be a single used to promote the album.
  • Live albums are fine if you want to use them, but you are not required to include them if you are satisfied with your “Ultimate Mixtape” without them. Sometimes they are a great tool to sneak in a classic song when the studio version didn’t make the cut. “Even Flow” and “Just Breathe” get the live treatment here from two PJ concert albums.
  • “Greatest Hits”/ “Best of” albums are eligible only if they contain new songs, or new versions of old songs. Since “State of Love and Trust” (from the Singles soundtrack) was never released directly by the band until their first hits compilation, I decided to use it to represent rearviewmirror.

Everyone’s “Ultimate Mixtape” will be different, and I would love to know how yours differs from mine. There are no right or wrong tracklistings (as long as you follow the rules)! Are you ready to rock? Let’s check out “JT’s Ultimate Mixtape: Pearl Jam edition”…

JT’s Ultimate Mixtape: Pearl Jam edition

The “Bonus tracks” are taken from soundtracks, tributes, solo projects, and collaborative works…tunes that never made it on a Pearl Jam album, but is still related in some way to the group. And man, there was a ton that I omitted here. These are some of the best Pearl Jam-related tunes out there:

Bonus tracks

What did I miss? How does your Pearl Jam mix differ from mine?

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