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McDonalds has boring Star Wars toys

I’m sorry, but it’s true. Several years ago Burger King offered a pretty sweet assortment of figures and vehicles. I remember visiting BK on several occasions, just to ask if they had a particular figure I was looking for. If they had it, I bought a Kids Meal. If not, I was out the door. I missed out on some of the recent McDonalds promotions, but I can see from photos that the Golden Arches has carried some good Star Wars toys in the past.

But the current offering? No thank you.

They call them “spinners.” There is a launcher that looks like a light saber, a podracer engine or R2-D2, and a spinner with a sticker on it. And there are eight different styles. To be honest, I don’t even need one, let alone eight.

For the record, yes, I bought one. I’m not ashamed of it (or of paying for it with pennies). But I am extremely disappointed in the toy. And the tiny-sizing of the french fries. And the unrequested upgrade of drink size (adding thirty cents on to the price…of course I complained and got the drink and price downsized to what was advertised on the menu).

Here’s a video review done by someone else…basically the same conclusion (“boring”), but at least you can see the spinners in action…

This will be my last Happy Meal for quite some time. What’s Burger King got right now?

[NOTE: This is not the cool Star Wars post/contest you are looking for. Check back in a day or two for that!]

I wanted Gonzo

Never did get him though. Or Piggy. I had Kermit, and still have Fozzie. And why didn’t they make an Animal? Or a Scooter?

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