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Spider-Man Chronicle by Alan Cowsill and Matthew K. Manning (2012)

Spider-Man book review

Spider-Man Chronicle:
Celebrating 50 Years of Web-Slinging

by Alan Cowsill and Matthew K. Manning
DK Books, 2012
352 pages

In the five decades since a radioactive spider bit Peter Parker, Spider-Man has gone through many evolutions in the comics. Alan Cowsill and Matthew K. Manning do an excellent job of documenting those changes in Spider-Man Chronicle, a massive full-color volume that is essential reading to any serious Spidey fan. Highlighting the best stories and covers dating back to the 1960s, the authors leave no web unspun, documenting characters from the comics, writers that put words in their mouths, and artists that put their mark on the wall-crawler and his friends.

In addition to Spider-Man’s various titles, the artists also examine several of his guest appearances in other Marvel franchises such as X-Men, Avengers, and Fantastic Four. Even the one-off Spider-Ham makes an appearance in this book, proving that Spider-Man Chronicle is certainly the most comprehensive history of the hero available in print.

Two fantastic lithographs are included with the book, drawn by John Tyler Christopher, who also lent his talents for the cover artwork. There is not a Spider-Man fan alive that would not appreciate this book. It is simply amazing, spectacular, and sensational.

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