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I have a new favorite mashup DJ

Fissunix. Remember that name.

Check out this mashup of Twisted Sister and the Clash:


A great song for the weekend

I love mash-ups, especially when the DJ can take two great songs and create something almost as great when mixing them together. Such is the case with Mighty Mike’s mash-up “Imagine A Jump” featuring John Lennon and Van Halen.

Mighty Mike has done several cool mash-ups over the past couple of years. Some are better than others, but this is perhaps my favorite so far. If you are a fan of mash-ups, do yourself a favor and check out more of Mighty Mike’s output here:

I hate Nirvana

And aside from the Thriller album, I’m not a huge fan of Michael Jackson.

But combine the two, and magic happens.

Since we are safely into December…

I think it is appropriate to post Christmas stuff. I found this awesome Led Zeppelin/Xmas mashup titled “Yuletide Zeppelin” last year, and probably posted it then, but need to post it again because it’s just that awesome.

There is a “Yuletide Zeppelin II” out there, but it is not quite as awesome as this. If you’re into mashups, I suggest you check out the Santastic collection at djBC’s site. A lot of great twists and turns there.

A Christmas quickie…

I’m not feeling the best tonight, and will probably hit the sack in a few minutes. But I did want to share with you a nice little Christmas mash-up I found recently, full of Zeppelin hooks. Right-click and select “Save As” to download this ditty…

Yuletide Zeppelin

Zeppelin played their reunion show (hopefully the first of many) in London at the O2 Arena on December 10th. Some videos are popping up on YouTube, but probably won’t last long. If you are interested in seeing a few, go to this link…

And back to the mash-ups, if you enjoyed the Yuletide Zeppelin, you can get a bunch of other Christmas themed mash-ups via torrent or individual download at the following websites…

Santastic: Holiday Boots 4 Your Stocking

Santastic II: Clausome!

Santastic III in 3-D

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