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The best Rick Roll ever?

Man, those computer science kids are smart. Check out how this college student Rick Roll’ed his prof…with acrostics!

Is this the best Rick Roll ever? I’m not sure. It’s tough to beat over 5,000,000 write-in votes that the Mets received in 2008 for the 8th inning sing-along.

There are also a ton of mash-ups using Rick Astley’s most infamous song floating around.

That NIN/Astley mash-up is really well-done. The mastermind behind it has done several other fun mash-ups with 80s pop classics, including a great Culture Club/Dramarama mix.

Am I late to Tom Smykowski’s party?

Video mash-ups are great, and this has to be the funniest one I have ever seen. Read the rest of this entry

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