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Fun Cards: Topps Now TBTC for April 17

A bit later today. I had some computer frustrations last night and gave up as I was preparing to schedule a post for this morning. Five cards today featuring Ivy/Ivey Wingo, Elmer and Johnny Riddle, Chuck Harmon, Frank Robinson, and one of my all-time favorites, Kurt Stillwell.

The Riddle card got me to Googling “battery brothers,” and I found this link. There were more pitcher/catcher combos on the same team than I would have guessed! The Riddles weren’t even the first for the Reds!


Riddle brothers




Fun Cards: Topps Now TBTC for April 16

Today’s highlights come from George “White Wings” Tebeau, Curt Walker, Ed Bailey, Marge Schott, and a double-shot of Hal Morris.

White Wings Tebeau






2009 Topps Marge Schott

Schott was huge in Cincinnati, but she was also very controversial. She said some things that were offensive and crude, but people defended her saying it’s just the way she was raised…she didn’t mean anything by it. Racial slurs against black players, Jewish employees, and standing up for Hitler were among her more famous incidents. She may have been crass, but you can’t deny her legacy in the Queen City.

One thing I miss about Schott is the $1 hot dogs. Actual hot dogs, not the kid-sized wieners now served for a buck. Now regular hot dogs are at least triple that price, and they haven’t gotten any bigger (or better).

Schott died at the age of 75 in 2004.

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