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The Moeller Show

Twice a year, a card show is hosted in the Moeller High School gymnasium. Moeller is the alma mater of two Baseball Hall of Famers, Barry Larkin and Ken Griffey Jr. I attended this show for the first time in November, 2008, and got my first Dave Parker autograph. I’m not sure why it took me a decade to go back, but last weekend my youngest son and I hit the show. No autographs this time around, just cards on the cheap, such as these Reds legends for a quarter each…

1985 Circle K baseball cards



Seaver no-hitter


Frank Robinson, Pete Rose, Junior Griffey, Tom Seaver, and Heinie Groh, thank you very much.

I also got a quartet of Gypsies for a quarter each as well…

2018 GQ

If I had more wall space, I would love to add some Heroes of Yesterday artwork by Steve Douglas to my collection. But I’m not going to buy something and let it collect dust in my closet, when it could be enjoyed by someone else hanging on their wall. But Mr. Douglas was giving out business cards which featured artwork as well, and I took one featuring Chris Sabo

Heroes of Yesterday

If you have a mancave and want to add a little originality to the walls, check out Heroes of Yesterday for some pretty cool pieces.

Of course, I grabbed a handful of non-Reds cards also. From Gypsy Queen, I scored Zack Cozart and Chris Archer for ten cents each…

2018 GQ

And Magic Johnson for a quarter…


And the entire 1989 Pro Set Football Final Update series…21 cards…for a quarter…

1989 Pro Set

I really miss Pro Set. I miss the fun NFL. I hope the XFL lives up to the hype and restores my interest in football.

I’m not going to wait another ten years to go back to the Moeller Show, but I don’t think I’ll wait until the last day to go, either. A lot of dealers had already packed up and left, and I’m sure those who remained were picked through pretty thoroughly before I got there. It was still fun, though, and I was happy with the cards I added to my collection.

Dream Team by Jack McCallum (2012)

Dream Team Jack McCallum book review

Dream Team
by Jack McCallum
Ballantine Books, 2012
384 pages

In 1992, everyone in America was a basketball fan thanks to Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and the rest of the “Dream Team” that played for the United States in the Summer Olympics in Barcelona. For the first time in history, professional basketball players were permitted to compete in the Games, as each country was truly allowed to send its best representatives. Author Jack McCallum, covering the team for Sports Illustrated, recounts the year that basketball ruled the Olympics more than any time before.

McCallum spends the first hundred pages talking about the team members and the selection process. In addition to Jordan, Johnson, and Bird, there was Scottie Pippen, Charles Barkley, David Robinson, Patrick Ewing, Chris Mullin, John Stockton, Karl Malone, Clyde Drexler, and the token college guy, Christian Laettner. The underlying theme in almost every chapter of this first hundred pages was not so much how these players deserved their spot on the roster, but why Pistons guard Isiah Thomas was excluded from the list. Of course, Thomas was not the only player that could have been argued for, but he was the most glaring omission.

After dealing with each of these players, McCallum gets into the Games themselves, beginning with the practice sessions in San Diego and on through to the final game in Barcelona. Fresh interviews of the players involved bring back memories of Toni Kukoc, Drazen Petrovic, and other opponents. A deep reverence is displayed for the late Chuck Daly. However, McCallum does not pull punches on his subjects, painting Jordan at times as a bitter ego-maniac, Bird as a foul-mouthed trash talker, Laettner as a spoiled brat. People mature over time, and act differently depending on their surroundings (Barkley being the exception to those two statements), but McCallum presents them as they were at the time without apology.

The impact the Dream Team had on youngsters internationally, from Tony Parker to Dirk Nowitzki, will never be duplicated. It was a grand experiment that worked in 1992, even if it never worked the same afterward. Never again will there be a group of players with so much talent and influence. Dream Team by Jack McCallum is a great tribute to that great team, and should be on the bookshelf of every basketball fan.

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