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Fun Cards: 2019 TWJ Luis Aparicio


Luis Aparicio was so good…

“How good was he?”

Luis Aparicio was so good he was selected to 13 All-Star teams in just 10 seasons! From 1959-1962, there were two All-Star Games each year. How glorious! Man, I wish they would bring back that tradition.

I love the All-Star Game. The 2019 Midsummer Classic will be held on July 9 in Cleveland, which is a mere four-ish hours from me…

I probably won’t go. I can’t go. It would be fiscally irresponsible. But man, how much fun would it be? We went to Cleveland for a regular season game last year, and despite the weather had a good time.

Retired Numbers: #11

And here we have our first individual who has had two different uniform numbers retired.

Sparky Anderson, Detroit Tigers

The Cincinnati Reds retired #10 in Anderson’s honor in 2005; the Tigers retired #11 in 2011. “Captain Hook” was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2000 and passed away in 2010.

Carl Hubbell, New York Giants

Jim Fregosi, Los Angeles/California Angels

Luis Aparicio, Chicago White Sox

Paul Waner, Pittsburg Pirates

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