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Fun Cards: 1988 Topps Bo Jackson (NFL, baseball-style)

An idea popped into my head Sunday afternoon while I was trying to go to sleep (because that is when the best ideas hit, right?). What if Topps had used the same design for their baseball and football card releases in 1988? Fortunately (?) I did not forget the idea, and when I had some down-time I started messing around and came up with this…

Bo Knows Football Cards

Bo Jackson was the obvious first choice for subject matter, since he had a card in the 1988 Topps baseball set…

Bo Knows Baseball Cards

But I didn’t stop with Bo Jackson. I created cards for 32 different NFL players who were active during the 1988 season.

Whoa. I haven’t been a football fan for many, many years, but the 1988 season when the Bengals went to the Super Bowl was a pretty big deal. I remember a lot of the players. So for the next several days I’ll be posting some “fun cards” of 1988 NFLers using the 1988 Topps baseball design. If you have any requests, I’m all ears.

Gypsy Queen – Bo Jackson

He was an All-Star only once. He only played more than 100 games in four seasons. His lifetime batting average is .250. Yet, Bo Jackson was and still is a hugely popular baseball (and football) player.

1987 Topps Bo Jackson – “What If?” Edition

In 1986, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers chose Heisman winner Bo Jackson of Auburn as the No. 1 pick of the NFL draft. They offered him a five-year, $7.6 million contract, the highest ever (at the time, obviously) for a rookie, but demanded that he make a choice between playing football and baseball. He turned down their offer and signed a 3-year deal with the Kansas City Royals for just over a mil, deciding in 1987 that maybe he did want to play football after all. Drafted in the seventh round by the Los Angeles Raiders, Bo had somewhat successful but injury-shortened NFL and MLB careers. But what if…

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